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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

So the big birthday came and went and now I've got 11 year old twins with big egos and bigger mouths. Yahoo!

I'm still trying to decide how to break it to the landlord that we're not moving out just because he asked us too. What a dweeb to think it's OK to ask a family on welfare to pony up $9K twice in 8 months for moving costs. You gotta wonder at the audacity of a person who sits on his ass and does absolutely no upkeep on his rental units, but expects top rents and a tenant that will not ask for anything. The jackass took 4 months to replace my broken stove. And he got the new one from Home Depot, which offers next day delivery, for heavens sake. Four months. He could have welded a new stove out of copper in that time. Then he dumps off the stove and high tails it out so I have to unpack it, deal with the plumber, clean over 40 years of grime and gunk from the walls surrounding the old stove (it was the most disgusting mess I've ever seen) and he's nowhere to be seen. I hate the guy.

But this is what we have to do in order to be evicted. I've heard that it will take till next spring to get us out, and hopefully that's true. I'd rather stay till the end of the school year, so the kids have continuity for 2 full years in the same school district with the same friends. Is this too much to ask?

What it means to be over 50

In the past couple of years, most of my friends have wavered right around 50 and I've watched them all get sick. Pretty much every woman I know has had a breast biopsy this past year. I've got 3 friends with cancer. We all complain constantly about this ache and that pain. My women friends dwell on peri-menopause like we're all the first women to ever experience this. And we might just be, because we don't know anyone in our parents generation who ever spoke of going through 'the change. So many women of that generation had unneeded hysterectomies and never went through the 10 years of hell called Peri. My mother was intact, but she never discussed what she was going through, and by the time I was cognizant that this was something in my future, my contacts with her were severed forever. So what do I know about this? Pretty much what I've learned on the 'net and from books. I've been to 3 different internists during this period of my life, and not one of them is really willing to talk about it. I mention hair loss, they ignore me. I mention skin changes, they ignore me. I mention my insane moments, they suggest Prozac or Paxil.

For the first time since college I want to get together with a group of my women friends and just talk about this until we all know more than when we came into the discussion. But I don't think anyone else is that interested in talking about it.

Shopping with Gift Certificates

Today I took the kids to spend their birthday gift certificates. Girl got a cert to Old Navy, so we had to do some serious trying on, and she ended up making good choices.

Boy got a cert to our local fabulous INDEPENDANT book seller. The place is acres huge, with pretty much every book in current publication. Boy found what he was looking for, and then he picked out a bar mitzvah present for his friend. The weird thing is, we got the present book home and I opened it up, and on the second flyleaf there was an inscription. "To Mike from Uncle Harry". Mike returned the book even though it was addressed to him. Since this inscription is here, we have to go return the book.

But it makes me wonder what kind of moron would return a book inscribed to him? Ok, you don't like the gift, hold onto it and donate it to the library or give it to a friend who might like it. But don't return it! That's like returning a dress after you wore it to the prom.

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