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Friday, August 29, 2003

Today was the day I realized I can only be a SAH mom for 10 days or less. By day 11, I'm ready to tear my hair out. Girl drives me insane, and the more time I spend with her, the dumber she gets. She's not dumb, she's just a complete and utter space cadet. She doesn't THINK before she talks, especially if she has a question. She just blurts out question after question, and some of them are so inane I want to explode. After a while I start yelling "THINK before you talk." but it doesn't work. She gets off on the whole negativity thing. It just drives me nuts. Here are some examples from this afternoon:

We're driving behind a big truck spewing black stinky smoke out of it's smokestack. I mutter, "Guess this guy isn't worried about the pollution problem, huh?" and she says "Why? How do you know?" Gee, I wonder!

We park next to a huge grinding stone outside our pediatrician's office. She asks why they have a stone donut. I tell her that it's a grindstone, and it was used in a mill to grind wheat or corn. She asks why. I tell her that ground corn and wheat are what one uses to bake. She asks how they grind up the corn cobs.

I'm making dinner and ask her to shuck the corn. She takes the ears out onto the back porch and I hear a huge yelp. "What's the problem?", I ask. She says that there was a worm in a corn stalk. I tell her that we'll just wash it out, no big deal. She asks if we can eat worms.

It goes on and on and on. By 10 pm I'm ready to send her to foster care. This is just too tiring.

The Job Hunt

I had an interview yesterday. It went OK, I liked them and they appeared to like me. It pays nothing. I'll end up not getting it and being depressed. I don't know how to make this better. I'm so tired of putting on makeup and wearing cute little outfits and getting rejected over and over again.

A guy emailed me on Monday about some work for him. I wrote back, and didn't hear from him. I mean, he contacted me, I didn't initiate this exchange. After 24 hours of not hearing from him, I emailed him again and asked if he were still interested. He wanted to know my rates. I have him a large range from a fairly lowball to a decent highball range. Never heard from him again, which means, of course, that he wanted to pay $10/hour to do what was until recently a $100/hour job. It's driving me nuts.

What's for Dinner?

Tonight I made Kosher Empire Fried Chicken (pop it from the box to the oven and then voila, lousy fried chicken in 30 minutes), corn, and an amazing salad of heirloom tomatoes, basil and cucumbers from an organic farm stand. The tomato was outstanding, the basil so perfect that it made me want to sing with joy.

But, while we were at the farm stand they had the most amazing gourd. I'm not sure I can do it justice, and the woman didn't know the name of the gourd, but it was just astonishing. It was a dark green, like a zucchini in color, but shiny like a yellow squash. It was about 15 inches high, the top 8 inches were a perfect phallus. The bottom was an irregular bulb like shape, which looked remarkably like a huge testicle. This was something out of star trek. I couldn't take my eyes off i!

We also picked flowers at the farm stand. I got a big bunch of dahlias, sunflowers, margarites, cosmos, and some other things I wasn't sure of. It made a beautiful bouquet on the coffee table, and I feel like Martha Stewart after some strenous flower arranging.

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