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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Yum, it's DINNER TIME!

I made stir fry beef for dinner tonight. This is a favorite in our family, but it tends to come out totally differently every time I make it and I can't figure out why. This is what I did tonight:

Marinated the sirloin tips in soy sauce, black bean sauce, fresh minced ginger and chopped garlic for about an hour.

Julienned orange and yellow peppers.
Sliced baby bella mushrooms
Tipped green beans
Cut up one large chinese cabbage
Opened can of water chestnuts

Stir fried marinated beef until browned through in HOT sesame oil. Removed from wok and set aside.

Stir fried the veggies until cooked through.

Added meat back to the wok and moved everything around till evenly distributed.

Served over hot white rice.

What I did differently

This time I didn't have corn starch so the sauce was too thin. I like it slightly thickened.

Didn't add asparagus, which I love with black bean sauce.

Forgot to add the crunchy noodles the kids like.

Didn't add baby bok choy, which I love but have to go to chinese store to get.

Occasionally I'll add the juice of an orange, but I didn' t have an orange handy.


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