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Saturday, October 18, 2003

And the big news is:

I got a job!

It's not a great job, it's not in my field, but I get a paycheck and medical and dental insurance, and that's pretty much what matters. And I like it, and the people I work with. Occasionally they have free food, too!

My Beloved Red Sox

What can I say? The evil empire has once again bought their way into the world series. And baseball is done for the year, so I've got to wait to spring training to see Nomar again. He'll be married, too. Sob. How can he marry that wench Mia?

Kids driving me nuts

School is underway and first term midterms were abysmal for Boy. He has done NO homework since school started (I did it in school tends to be the excuse) and he's failing all but Math. I'm so proud. He's totally grounded and he's getting nothing but trouble from me. I met with the teachers, who all think he's a little scumbag, and we've got a plan in place. But the kid is driving me nuts.


We're still in the same house. I'm not leaving until I have to. So far, we can still afford to stay, so we will.

And that's about it for our update. I'm so tired. Baseball and High Holidays together can really take a lot out of a woman of a certain age.

Apple picking tomorrow. Dancing in the street tomorrow night.

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