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Friday, July 29, 2005

Complain and the weather changes

Woke up this morning and the weather was gorgeous. No more humidity, bright sunshine, and cool crisp air. Yippee!

Spent an interesting hour with A today, talking about my sterling silver. I know this is a sore subject with me, and I have to eventually get over it, but the whole thing just burns my butt. It seems unreal that a parent would steal a child's belongings, but then there you go. What I learn from this experience is that as a parent, I'm so much more aware of the boundries of parents and kids, and how important it is to respect your kid's belongings, so they can learn to respect yours. That's something that didn't happen to me when I was a kid. Nobody had any respect for me or my stuff, and growing up like that makes me a bit fragile when it comes to protecting what is mine. The moral of the tale is, if you screw your children over, and the rest of the family knows what you've done, they'll take over and act the way you as a parent should have acted in the first place. Thank you Aunt Lillian (Z"L) for being the better person.

Site of the Day

OK, now on to the fun part of the day. Discovered yet another amazingly fun time waster through Stumble. This site lets you make the coolest montages of any keyword that you search for. Here are some sample montages I made. They haven't been edited yet, so they are just screen captures at this time. Can you guess the keywords?

Some of the keywords were single items, others were a group of items. The way the site works is pretty simple; it searchs for at least 20 instances of the keywords you enter, and then creates a montage of arbitrary photos. I'm thinking of making these into notecards, which I think I could sell at crafts fairs. Some of the obviously excellent subjects are here:

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