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Monday, July 11, 2005

It is the most beautiful, peaceful summer day today. Hot as hades, but the sky is so blue. The weatherman said rain, but nothing. We've had so much rain, we don't need any more.

This week the city had a lot of flooding. It was kind of funny to see the entire library parking lot and street flooded out, and people wading in the huge puddles to return their books. Me, I'd pay the extra day's fine. I wish Florida would keep their damn hurricaines to themselves. Anyone dumb enough to relocate to Florida deserves that weather.

The barn needs to be painted something fierce but I'm beginning to love the shabby chic look. Tom mowed the lawns yesterday and went right over my rosemary plant in the knot garden. Sigh. I pulled out what was left of it, and planted it in a big pot next to the tomatos. Hopefully it will come back. Tomatos are getting big and I've got dibs on the first one. The herbs are all growing like crazy and today we sat next to one of the parsley plants and just munched the leaves. Yum. No bitter taste at all. It's like Passover in summer.

The kids let me take their pictures this weekend. The boy looks funny with his cherry red hair, but he's not going to do anything with it as it fades into shocking pink.
I'm thinking he needs a different color, but he's into the whole red look. The girl only wants to streak her hair lighter and lighter. I have done it twice, and it makes her streaks the most amazing golden color, but she just doesn't want to comb her hair for days at a time. That damn bun. I'm so tired of it. She wants to bring her hair straightener to camp. I'm sure that will go over well, watching her straighten her hair for an hour each morning.

It's my birthday today. I'm feeling no pain at all. We're going out to dinner tonight to JamJuli or Treetops, both thai restaurants. I'm in favor of Treetops myself. The kids baked me a birthday cake today. It was their first experience baking a cake all by themselves. They made a carrot cake. The girl got out the kitchenaide and everything. The boy did one of his anxiety attacks and she pulled the cake out way to early so there was a huge crater in the middle of it. Then the boy made the frosting and didn't listen to my instructions from upstairs, so he made a glaze that he poured all over the cake while it was still warm. Man, that was one sweet carrot cake.

I sat out in the back garden for a while, just being one with the lawn. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky we are to live here. There isn't a day that goes by that someone doesn't say how much we love living here. Even the cat is a happy camper. He's going outside every day now, and he's starting to be brave enough to stray away from the foundation of the house. Some day he'll maybe be brave enough to walk down the hill, but I doubt it.

Happy birthday to me.
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