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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Living in a Blast Furnace

Ahhh, nothing like summer in New England. A month of 50 degree weather with rain, clouds, and more rain. Then a month of heat you can't even quantitate, a few days off with just plain nice weather, and now it's literally a blast furnace out there. I opened the door to let the cat out this morning, and it was as if I had opened the door to the stove. It was about 95 degrees at 10 am, and it got hotter. All afternoon they have those 'weather alerts' on the TV and radio, warning about huge storms. Didn't rain a drop. Not a damn drop. The lawn is browning, the tomatos will never turn red without a good soaking, and all the perennials are droopy. I just want some rain, is that too much to ask?

What is the deal with Manny Ramirez?

Manny announces again this year that he wants out of Boston. He doesn't like all the attention. He took the day off today, refusing to play to replace Trot Nixon who was injured. I just don't get it. He is loved in the city, he's doing great on a great team, and the Yankees don't want him. He sure makes enough money? And his kids room in the Ritz. To die for!

Snowflakes take u
p way too much time

I've been making snowflakes for hours. It is the most addictingly fun time waster I've seen in a long time. I enjoy it a lot, especially when I'm on the phone or watching mindless TV. My snowflakes get better and better. The girl loves the site too, and sends me copies of all her flakes. I think she's going to miss this activity when she's in camp.

Countdown to camp

It's one more day and the Girl is gone for 3 weeks. The boy will be home for a lot of the time, and I'm pretty much ok with her being gone. It will be a good time to keep the house clean and do some fun day trips with the boy. We're planning to go to Maine one day and hit LLBean and that huge candy store in Kittery or Yarmouth. I can't even remember where it is.

We've done all the shopping we possibly can, and her suitcase is almost completely packed. She has one last load of laundry to stuff in there, but she's ready to take off. I'll miss her a lot, but it's going to be so quiet and peaceful. It's been so long since she's been away. I feel like I've lost much of my own life because she takes up so much energy.

Fostering puppies

I volunteered to foster some puppies until they're ready for adoption. I think this will hopefully get me over my puppy longings. And if it doesn't, I get the pick of the litter. I'll need to find a crate on CL or one of the freecycle sites, but the organization I volunteered for pays for the food and much of the items needed, including vet fees. I'm excited to have puppies in the house. I'm going to do just one at first, and then maybe I'll do them in pairs once I get more courage and the cat will be happier about it all. It's going to be an interesting first experience.

Brat Camp

Maybe I'm a big sap, but I cried tonight watching this show. These kids are carrying around so much pain, and so much of it is familiar. It makes me all the more thankful that I nipped our issues in the bud (hopefully) before the teens set in. One of the kids reminds me so much of the girl, and another one has a lot in common with the boy. I checked out the program and it seems to be totally on the level and something to keep in mind just in case.
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