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Sunday, July 24, 2005


We all do it. Some of us are salty snackers, some are sweet snackers, lots of us are both salty and sweet, and then there are those annoying organic fruit and nuts snackers, but we don 't really care about them now, do we?

I'm a snacker, but I like fairly unusual snacks. One of my favorite snacks right now are marinated mushrooms. I just can't seem to get enough of them right now. Here in our kitchen right now is a confetti cake with chocolate frosting, but I'm eating those mushrooms again.

I also like blanched almonds, but those go in waves. Sometimes I just have to eat chocolate, but the chocolate I like is kind of restricted to a few types. I like the peppermint stick bark from Trader Joes. I like it a lot. OK, I love it. I buy boxes of it and hide it from the kids because the first time I bought it they ate the whole box and I got one little bite. Man, I was pissed! I like frozen Charleston Chews. They have to be frozen or I don't really like them. Why? You got me! I like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, but only some of the time, usually in the winter. I hate peanuts and peanut butter, however. I like flavored chocolate, like orange chocolate, and almond chocolate. I'm not all that big on fancy european chocolates. I like a nice hershey bar, plain, no nuts. Hate Kitkats. HATE THEM!

I also like salty snacks, probably more than sweet. I'm not allowed to eat salty foods because of my heart, but I cheat. Not a lot, but I do cheat. I like Utz sourdough pretzels. I like some chips, but for the most part I can skip chips. Not into doritos or cheese doodles or anything like that. If I'm going to eat salty stuff, give me a nice pack of plain Utz potato chips. Or the crab boil ones. To die for.

String cheese makes a great snack. So do hard boiled eggs. I usually have both on hand. I like leftovers too. I'm much more of a food snacker than a junk snacker. I like food. Things like tuna fish (I know, you're not supposed to eat it, but I do), cheddar cheese, bagels with cream cheese. That's good eating!
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