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Monday, July 25, 2005

What the fuck is scientology and why do they think they have the right to tell me how to live?

I've been putting off this post for a while, trying to calm down after Tom Cruise's statements on the 'history of psychiatry' and the evils of psychiatric drugs. The whole incident just made me so angry and so outraged. What the hell is a phony religion, invented by a Sci-Fi author, have to do with psychiatry anyhow? The more I look into the fake religion, the more disgusted I am that big stars, who are so lost in their own self-absorbtion, feel the right to come out and make public statements about things they know nothing about. Tom Cruise didn't even graduate from high school and this schmuck is screaming about how he knows more about mental health than doctors. He claims that psychaitrists aren't medical doctors. He claims that mental illness can be cured by vitamins. He claims that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance. He claims that PPD can be cured with vitamins. He claims that there is no such thing as ADHD and that parents who medicate their kids are abusive.

Well Tom, you want to borrow my kid for a few days without medication and tell me how that vitamin cure worked? Did the e-meter cure my kid? Is he now able to rise through the scientology ranks because you're paid $10,000 dollars to get to the 'next level'?

Scientology is a crock. I think anyone with half a brain knows that it's a complete joke. A dangerous joke. They fought the IRS for years with very serious violent episodes. They've killed people by abandoning them when they had mental breakdowns. The research is pretty easy to do, especially since so many folks have been damaged by this 'church'.

What really gets my goat is the claim that paychiatric medications are not necessary. In our family, they're more than necessary, they're life savers. Having a child who was suicidal in second grade, I'm pretty clear that kids can get seriously depressed, can be bipolar, and can be miraculously helped by medications. In our family, Concerta and Abilify allow my child to lead a normal, clear life free of the anxieties, tics, and impulsivity that got him in so much trouble.

I don't believe that every kid taking ADHD meds might need them. I think parents need to take responsibility for their kid's behaviors and make every effort to deal with the kids without medical intervention if possible. But in many cases, it's not possible. When a kid is literally jumping out of their skin, when they seemed to be fueled by rocket fuel, when they can't sleep or sit in school or behave without impulsive and dangerous acts, then maybe medication might help. Until my child got the meds he needed, he was failing every class in school, he was in trouble all the time, getting suspended, setting fires, jumping off roofs, etc. He had no control over his impulses, and he had no ability to pay attention. Besides, he had serious mood swings that put him in the deepest of dark moods, and then would allow him to become elated and manic. Now he takes meds daily, and his grades have turned to straight A's, he no longer gets in trouble, he can control his impulses, and he's just a different kid all-together. This is wrong why?

Every woman who has post partum depression owes it to women everywhere to make Tom know the truth, that vitamins aren't going to help, and bucking up isn't going to work either. Depression, that deep dark place where you feel like there is no hope, isn't a great way to be when you have a needy infant. Being unable to bond with your baby because you're so depressed you can't even care for yourself isn't going to be a good foundation for your baby.

So, I say with great gusto, SHUT THE FUCK UP, SCIENTOLOGISTS. I don't want to hear your drivel anymore.
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