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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What happened to my motivation?

I used to want to do stuff. I'd get up and think of things to cook, and things I wanted to read or to make, or even people I wanted to talk to. But now, I don't want to do anything. I don't think I'm depressed and I'm taking medication just in case, but I just have no motivation even when I have to do something.

I've become a phonephobe. I knew it would happen. I just can't be talking on the phone anymore. I have nothing to say and I'm finding myself avoiding calling anyone. Why is this so hard for me right now? I need to snap out of it, but I think it's all due to the circumstances beyond my control

Finished reading The Sari Shop. What a depressing book. I usually like sad stories as long as they have uplifting endings but this book just was horribly sad. I found myself telling J the story and watching her shocked face as she wondered what about the book had made me choose it from the pile. I had read the back and it didn't have anything about the real meat of the book in the synopsis. But even so, I probably would have bought it. Love those stories about India. A.U. and I are so hooked on books about India. No matter what I've read, she's read and vice versa. Thats what makes a good book buddy.

That Darn Cat

Ringo is spending more and more time outside, but still comes in the house to poop and pee. I don't get it. He's got the whole world as his toilet and he decides to come inside and stink up the house. What kind of useless pet is this, anyhow? All he wants to do all day long is lay in his catmint and get stoned. He should be wearing a tie-dye collar or somethng. He has an ohm on his collar now!
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