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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bicker Bicker Bicker!

My mom use to say this when my brother and I would get going. I thought it was sort of weird at the time, but it does tend to tie up my feelings on my day today. I swear it, having Ms Moody home all day long with a sore throat and a headache really sucks. She's just the worst sickie. She hates being sick, she overacts to the nth degree and I spend way too much time asking her to stop moaning and groaning and go upstairs to nap. But no, she has to nap on the sofa bringing down every comforter she owns, along with a couple of polar fleece blankets and drapes them over her body wrapped in sweats. She's freezing, she claims. It's close to 80 degrees in the house and I'm sweating bullets.

Meanwhile, the boy has decided to loosten up a bit and has started bugging her bigtime. He's bored and he's annoyed that she's sick and complaining. What a combination. I didn't let her stay up to her normal bedtime because I'd totally had it.

The boy, seeing that his entertainment was upstairs, decided to go up early and get some sleep. Leaving me blessedly alone for a couple of hours.

You know how people never admit that their kids drive them nuts? Well, count me out of that club. I'm in the mutter under my breath "you frigging bitch" and "you little prick" school of parenting.

I made peach cobbler for dessert tonight. I bought peaches on sale the other day, and they ripened today, so I sat down at the kitchen table and peeled them. They were so juicy that I was soaked by the time I had them all peeled. Mixed up a crumble topping with oatmeal, flour, brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon and butter and spread it over the peaches. Baked until it was bubbly hot, and then we had it for dessert after a nice dinner of chinook salmon, salad, and brussel sprouts.

I might be a mutterer, but at least I feed my kids well!
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Blogger neener said...

Well, peaches are the perfect thing to eat in August. Trouble down here in the frickin' peach state is I still haven't found a truly GREAT one. Plenty of peaches around to ripen and turn into cobblers, pies, crumbles and the like, but few good ones to eat out of hand.

We lost a sickly peach tree in the back of the yard to wind and the stormy edges of the July hurricanes. Poor little tree had borne fruit and the rotting peaches were littering the grass when we got back to Atlanta in August.

Love the blog...will be reading regularly. Design is lovely and links are nifty.

Did you like Time Traveller's wife? I sincerely hated it. Could not read it without imagining the trashy movie -- would star Jude Law and Natalie Portman, right? It made me feel very manipulated. Kept thinking of Demi Moore and the Dirty Dancing guy...what was that movie, Ghost! Hated that.

Ah well, love to the boy and the girl. And hugs to you on this milestone day. Hurricane GGG!

24/8/05 9:07 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I didn't like TTW either. I thought it was sincerely trashy. Maybe a beach read, but nothing more. It's weird because it was so highly recommended by a lot of people who know my reading habits, and yet it was totally not what I would have chosen myself. I do like th e idea of Jude and Natalie. Would that be WITH the crew cut or would her hair have to grow back? Hated Ghost too. We must be sympatico. I can't stand that Dirty Dancing guy. A little too metrosexual for my tastes.

Thanks for the b'day wishes. It was a weird day. I made a cake and put too much pink food coloring in the icing and it looked like a barbie cake. It was really horrible. Kids liked it though. Very low key day altogether. I wish I had more energy and money to do something spectacular, but them's the breaks these days.


24/8/05 10:21 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

1. An extremely rural Arkansas substitute for "bicker bicker bicker" overheard many years ago at a baseball game, and laughed about by my family ever since, was "ARGY, ARGY, ARGY!" That's right, not "argue", but "argy".

2.YES you do feed your family well. I am so hungry now! I only do the cheater's version of "crumble" cobblers...where you get a package of yellow cake mix and cut a stick of butter into it, and sprinkle it over the fruit and bake. Yours sounds much better, and now I'm feeling decidedly white-trashy. Maybe I should go have a fried bologna sandwich on white bread.

3. Thank you for discussing "TTW", because it was on my list, and I hadn't bought it yet. I'm still holding a grudge against the friend who RAVED to me about "The Bridges of Madison County" and caused me the agony of trying to read that crap.

Could I suggest a mini-review of your booklist as you finish them? I love reading that kind of thing!

30/8/05 2:15 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

The booklist is a great idea. I was thinking of doing a mini review of everything I've been reading on a once a month basis. Something like a Book Roundup post. I dunno...I read so damn much that I'm not sure anyone really cares about my lame comments concerning how much I hate most stuff people love. I'm contrary that way.

30/8/05 6:54 PM  

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