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Monday, August 22, 2005

I like clean clothes but I hate doing laundry

It's the age old dilemma. I love having sweet smelling clothes, nice soft, out of the dryer warm clothes. But I absolutely detest doing laundry. I don't mind folding the clean clothes, but other than that one step, I hate everything else.

Since we moved, I haven't yet hooked up the dryer, which is gas and therefore requires a plumber to come and do it. We've been hanging up clothes on the line and it is amazing to see the savings on my gas bill. I'd like to continue doing this for another couple of months, until it gets too cold and wet to continue on. I put up lines on the front porch, so we look like we are trailer trash, but I don't care. I like the idea of hanging up the clothes, and I also like the idea of not bleaching everything out. Sun does some ugly damage to clothing.

I put up a rack just for socks and underwear, and then I got a second rack because we seem to be doing laundry all the time. I've got the kids doing their own laundry now and that's a big help, but man, they do a shitty job. Girls socks are so encrusted with dirt I don't get how she can even put them on. They are stiff and brown. Boy is better, but he resists doing it at all costs.

Now lets talk about laundry baskets. For some reason, they tend to disappear in our house. The laundry is in the basement (one more reason to hate it) and clothes tend to go down in a basket, but at some point the monster in the basement eats the basket or something. I don't know what the hell is happening to all my laundry baskets, but they aren't where I need them to be.

So, to sum up: I hate doing laundry, I like having clean clothes, I like not having the dryer running, my kids do a crappy job on their laundry, and I just want to wear something that doesn't have stains all over it. And, if I have to hang out my laundry, I want it to be over a canal in Venice, where it looks charming.
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Blogger Belinda said...

At least you have the option of hanging out your wash! We have neighbors who do it, and we think they may be insane, because anything that spends more than 5 minutes outside in Arkansas, including toddlers, is instantly covered in a film of yellow pollen.

30/8/05 1:38 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I hang it INSIDE the screened in porch. We don't have pine pollen (that must be what the yellow stuff is) but we do have every other pollen known to mankind. Although I live only 6 miles from downtown Boston, I live on a large amount of acreage with a lot of plants, most of which like to attract bees. Pollen plenty.

30/8/05 6:57 PM  

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