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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Life has a way of fooling you, eh?

Today the Boy left to go back to school for a few days. I'm alone. Alone. All frigging alone. It's so weird. I can't even recall the last time I was alone, but it has to be years ago. It's a strange feeling, being on my own. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to handle it, but I've got everything I need downstairs and I really don't have to go up for a couple of days. That makes me feel more comfortable about it all. I'm going to have both J and I call me a couple of times a day to check and see if I'm OK. I'm a bit scared of being alone and having a bad day and not being able to get help if I need it. I'm sure it will be fine, but a back-up plan seems to be a good idea.

We got our first puppy this weekend. The Boy and I picked her up, and she's very very sweet. She's housebroken, which has been a godsend, and she does her 'business' the second she gets out the door. She is crate trained and seems to choose to sleep in her crate much to Ringo's relief.

Ringo is so not amused by Claire the puppy. At first he was just vicious, striking out and hissing and growling, but a day later, Claire doesn't have a scratch on her and I'm covered in bandaids. It doesn't seem quite fair, does it? Ringo has also been very lovey dovey, climbing onto my lap, jumping up on the table for snuggles, and even climbing up on the Boy's lap. I think between him lonely for his main sqeeze and the addition of the puppy, he's just completely bereft. He seems to be very interested in food, however. When I'm on the computer, he sits in the chair behind me and pulls up on my chair's arms to give me head butts. This poor kitty has had his whole world turned upside down.

The Boy has such anxiety issues over the pets. He worries so needlessly about every step they take. I've tried to model a relaxed atmosphere, and he has noticed. He said I was so calm about everything. Later I repeated that to I and she totally cracked up. I've never been accused of being calm before.

One interesting thing to note is how much CLEANER the house is without the Girl. I know she's a slob, and I've been clear that she is the cause of most of the mess, which drives me nuts, but I guess it didn't really sink in with me until she left and I got a true picture of how much time I spend keeping up the house because of her slovenly ways. I think we'll be discussing this more with S when everyone gets back from vacation. In the meantime, this poster is going up right over the sink, as a reminder that part of doing the dishes is putting them in the dishwasher. It's probably a waste of time, but the poster is so funny.
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