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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Night Sweats 24/7

What the heck is this latest insult to the aging-but-still-hip woman I thought I was? The past two nights I've been kept awake most of the night due to night sweats. Vicious, soak the t'shirt night sweats. My pillow had to be wrung out night sweats. Ok, it's hot outside, but we have two air conditioners pushing cold air into the entire downstairs and they haven't been off in days. I haven't been outside in days either, because we've had a few intestinal/headache/sore-throat/earache problems this week. Nothing like a pair of whining, complaining teenagers to make my week! Additionally, I've been kind of ill myself, but with what I can't say. General doldrums plus headaches plus the drizzlin' shits and a lot of heart pounding/breathlessness. I've been a good girl and take all my meds when I'm supposed to, but the lasix isn't working as well as it should, even when I've doubled it. Tripling it one day did make me pee a lot, but my heart still feels overloaded. Nothing like the joy of congestive heart failure on top of menopause.

Back to the sweats. I thought I might be fluish, but that's not it. My core body temp was 97.0, so I'm not feverish. Although I think if I stuck the thermometer under my boob (I haven't passed the pencil test ever) it would register about 105. I mean I'm HOT (and I don't just mean my good looks!) And I'm groggy because I get so sweaty I wake up dripping and need to stick my head under water and wash off my neck then change my shirt. Because my liquid intake is restricted, I think my electrolytes are all out of kilter due to the extensive liquid lost. I don't know, I might be fine but I feel like complete shit.

Mary came over today and she was more disorganized than usual. She's pretty funny and I shared a couple of things that I'd intimated on the blog with her. We had a great talk and the kids were totally charming, those demon actors. Who do they think they're fooling?

So I've done virtually nothing this week except complain and listen to complaints, prepare an occasional meal and listen to the whining about how it isn't what they wanted (tough shit, sherlock), etc. I've watched a lot of TV, including trying to decipher All My Children without knowing the backstories. Man, the women on that show should eat more. They're scary. And they seem to do nothing but go to the office and talk about their personal lives wearing incredible designer clothing. How do I get a job like that?

I'm putting off sleep as long as possible because I know that I'm going to be so hot and sweaty withing a few minutes that I'll wake up and will have nothing to do. I hate this. Maybe my favorite drug, Mr Ambien, will come and call on me?
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Blogger Belinda said...

Eh, I'm on Ambien RIGHT NOW, and it's 1:21 AM and I'm ON THE COMPUTER!!!Bleah, I say.

31/8/05 1:23 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Well, there you go! Me too. I only take a half because I'm on so many other drugs that I'm afraid of the interaction, but still, the damn thing SHOULD work, eh? I've heard that the new drug Lunestra is pretty decent but I don't have a script for it and my PCP isn't great about giving rx for sleeping aids. She's great about antidepressants (go effexor) but not about sleep help.

So I'm sitting her at 3 am eating cold torteloni and wtching "INside" while on the computer.

I had a standard poodle for many years. My absolutely favorite dogs in the world. I want another one, but my health isn't good enough right now to take on a dog, so we foster care puppies shipped up from Virginia. Love the puppies.

31/8/05 1:58 AM  
Blogger neener said...

From my friend Marianne, high-powered lawyer, who works at Merrill-Lynch in NYC.

As you all know, I have been struggling through the indignities of early (and protracted) menopause with what I hope is good humor. That attitude was sorely tested yesterday.

Picture the following . . .

I am, of course, rushing to get ready for work (last minute crisis the night before, last minute meeting scheduled for 7:30 AM) when I am felled by perhaps the worst hot flash EVER (hormonal melt-down, incineration, sauna from hell --- pick your own analogy). In desperation to make my meeting and not melt into a Wicked Witch of the West puddle I grabbed one of those flexible ice packs that we use for the cooler at the beach and put it down the front of my blouse, tucked into one side of my bra and dashed out of the house. The ride to work is OK, I'm starting to cool down and gather my wits about me. Gary drops me off in front of the ML main entrance and I run into the lobby --- 10 minutes to make my meeting. As I come through the revolving door the ice pack (which I had forgotten to remove --- at this point, of course, I'm blaming Gary for not telling me to remove it) drops out of my blouse, onto the marble floor and slides like a big hockey puck across the lobby until it meets the wall where it ricochets before coming to an undignified rest.

You have to remember, that the lobby of ML "world headquarters" is a mighty busy place in the morning. It wouldn't be accurate to say that a complete silence fell over the place, but it's safe to say that the attention of most of those present was drawn away from the imminent opening of the market to "what the hell was that that just happened?"

As gracefully as possible, I strolled over to my ice pack, retrieved it and in one fluid movement dropped it into my Louis Vuitton satchel and boarded the elevator.

Ah yes, the glamorous life of the female executive . . . . This is sort of like those dreams we all had as kids (or at least I did) about realizing you'd gone to school without your skirt or blouse on --- EXCEPT this dream was real and it was a NIGHTMARE.

31/8/05 1:45 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I remember Marianne. The Frequent Flyer Marianne, right?

God, that is so funny. I wonder how she was brave enough to pick up the ice pack. Me, I'd pretend it wasn't mine and look horrified about the whole thing.

Hot flashes coming fast and furious. Never fell asleep at all last night, and then slept from 10:30 to 3. I'm going for the full ambien tonight.

31/8/05 5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, that's our Marianne...frequent flier babe extraordinaire. She took deposition on some case in Denver for YEARS! That's a whole lotta miles.

31/8/05 8:09 PM  

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