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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh my Gawd, they are teenagers!

Thirteen years ago, I was a brand new mommy with two babies. Today I'm an old mommy with two teenagers. I never ever thought any of us would live to see the day! It has been the biggest and craziest experience of my life raising these two kids from infancy to teenhood. We've been through more trauma than most families have in a life time. We've braved moving across the country and back, changing schools numerous times. diagnoses that I hoped never to hear, illness, acting out, psychiatric treatments, testing and more testing, poverty, homelessness, depression and pretty much any other lousy thing you can think of in these 13 years. And I've also grown two extraordinary children in young adults. Beautiful children, smart children, nasty children, rude children, friendly children, inquisitive children, brave children, children who can endure all. They are amazing people, my children, despite their foibles.

I didn't ever want to have a child with a mental illness. I didn't want to have a child with myriad learning disabilities. I didn't want a child on the autistic spectrum. I didn't want a child who would have to reside outside my home for our own safety. But I got all of those things, and we've survived it all. There are times where I think I'm the biggest failure on the earth, and then I look at these beautiful faces, happy faces, brilliant faces and I get that even though so much as gone wrong, so much more has gone right.

It's been a hard day. With literally no money left this month after a month of huge and unexpected expenses, I wasn't able to have anything fancy for the kids. The girl went to her Dance Camp today, and the boy and I stayed home. It was a beautiful day outside and we walked around the property and sat outside for a while, but I was so exhausted I kept having to lay down and nap. Picked up the girl from camp and went to visit Jean. We stayed for a couple of hours. She gave the girl a nice b'day present that hopefully she will use. It is a jewelry box suitable for traveling, and quite cute. She gave the boy his new amplifier for his electric guitar. He's thrilled.

I got the girl a diamond mogen david necklace, and the boy his electric guitar. They are happy with the presents. The girl has been wearing her necklace for a couple of weeks now, because I bought it with her, before she went away to camp. She requested it, and I'm a sucker for Judaicia. The boy has been begging for an electric guitar for months and months. I bought him one after we made three separate trips to Guitar Center and two different locations. He choose one guitar but it was sold before we could come and pick it up, so he picked out an epiphone junior in solid black. Goes with his Ramones T'shirt.

The epitome of the whole birthday was the cake I made. The cake itself was a nice butter cake. I made a quarter sheet cake because I still haven't found the box with my baking pans so sheet cakes are the only choice. But I was watching the Brat Camp finale and didn't want to get up to make the icing. So I made it during a commercial and I was hurrying and made the most butt ugly pink icing you've ever seen. It looked like bubblegum icing, or like a Barbie cake. Just horrible. I used a bit of mint flavoring because the girl refuses to have chocolate cake or chocolate icing, and didn't like the orange icing I made for the last cake, so the choice was moot. No flavoring, or mint. I went with the mint. So we had a glowing pink cake with minty flavor. Can you say Toothpaste Cake? YUM.

I hope they forget this birthday. It really did suck. I feel like I didn't even make an effort, but I'm so broke this month that any effort I did make was undercut by the lack of excitement.
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Anonymous Jolinda said...

you did give your children a good birthday. You are a wonderful mom and friend. You made every effort to see that they had a cake, a gift, LOVE.

The cake is beautiful. I have seen you do more for your children than most parents do in a lifetime. You are wonderful. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful children.

25/8/05 8:38 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Thanks JoJo. I'm feeling pretty down and inadequate today. Lots of stuff going on. I need a vacation so badly and it's not going to happen due to a bunch of things. Keep reading the blog for more info.

25/8/05 11:25 PM  
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