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Thursday, August 04, 2005

We gotta blow this popstand!

We took a quick trip up to central Maine today. Started off around 10 with a stop at Dunks for iced coffee and a coolata for the boy. Then we got on 128 and put the cruise onto 70 and flew up to New Hampster, where we paid our first toll. Showed the boy the chain bridge connecting Salisbury to Amesbury, which is the oldest suspension bridge in the USA. He was suitably impressed. Then we got onto the Piscataqua bridge and half way over, we hit Maine. We stopped in Kittery to find Yummies, a candy store I've been hearing about from the Phantom Gourmet for years now. I got the boy all psyched, and when we drove up and saw the sign that said they have 10,000 lbs of candy on display, I knew we were in for a swell time.

We picked out a few things to send to the girl in a care package. She fell out of the sailboat the other day at camp, and stepped on a horshoe crab. She sliced her foot open pretty badly and was bleeding quite heavily. They butterflied it in the nurses office and then she stubbed her toe on the way out and started bleeding again, poor lamb. She's on crutches for a few days until the cut closes up, and that means no swimming or other water activities. I felt like she needed some treats. We got her some gummies in what they call the Survival collection, a huge jawbreaker the size of a squash ball, some candy necklaces, pop rocks, smarties, Charleston Chews, and some salt water taffy. She'll be happy.

The boy picked out malted milk balls, a strawberry Charleston Chew, some walnut chocolate fudge, and a bit roll of giant smarties.

I got a Charleston Chew (chocolate). I did snack on a few of the salt water taffys, which were the best I've EVER eaten. So delicious. I picked out the flavors myself so I didn't get all the cruddy peanut butter ones I hate.

After the candy store, we trooped back to the car and headed up to Freeport. Stopped at LL Bean and spent a few hours shopping the entire store. Got the boy some black cords, and an orange backpack marked down from $49 to $22. I was thrilled. We got the new puppy a nice toy, too. He's coming on Friday! It's a mastiff mix, 12 weeks old and 12 lbs. Can't wait.

Heading back from Freeport we stopped at Old Orchard Beach. I told the Boy that it was the closest beach to Montreal so it was filled with French speaking people, and he was amazed to see I was right. We had lobster rolls at the amusement park and watched these amazing boys do Dance Dance Revolution. One of them danced both parts, and he was perfect! I've never seen anything like it. We wandered around the amusement park and then went to the beach for a while. It was so lovely out, cool and breezy and with the handicapped parking placard we got a great parking space. Nice time!

Next we headed south and stopped off in Newburyport.
I had forgotten that this week was Yankee Homecoming, and there were sidewalk sales, so parking was a bitch. We ended up in the Inn Street lot, which was like old home week. I showed the Boy where I used to live and pointed out the window where Kelev Adom tried to go shopping during Yankee Homecoming so many years before! The Boy thought that was hilarious and I told him I'd find the article about it from the Daily Snooze.

We strolled around town and checked out all the new places. The town has grown so much and is just so perfect. I love it there more than anywhere I've ever lived, and I finally got the Boy to agree that it was indeed a great place to live and he might consider moving there. A triumph. He liked the high school, especially when I told him it was probably smaller than the school he's currently attending. It's a pipe dream. We love where we live now and I can't see moving for a few years, but I have to get back to the beach. I miss it so much and there is just something about living in Newburyport that makes me feel like a different person. I'm amazed at how the town has changed. It's so much more upscale than it used to be. There are restaurants that look so nice. Not Scandia nice, but a new Thai place is going in that looks to be an architectural wonder and I'm hoping the food is good as well. Town used to end before the Maritime Museum, but now the shops go all the way to the James Steam Mill and there are shopping plazas with cute little stores all along Water St. Downtown looks the same, of course. New shops, but the same basic concept of tourist attractions and fancy clothing and tchakes.

Fowles is still there, but there is a new restaurant in place of Joan and Ra's old cafe. We didn't stop in, but I have to wonder if the spying is as good with a new place as it was when I lived across the street. I knew more than anyone who slept with whom after watching the crowd come in for breakfast on Sunday mornings. Man, that was a treat!

We went for a ride all the way up Water St to Plum island, and strolled for a bit on one of the boardwalks going up to beach. It's so beautiful there. I hate to think one has to pay now, but if we lived there I'd do the Duck Stamp so I wouldn't have to pay for every visit. You can still ride your bike onto the Reserve for free. And there is the public beach. Cough cough!

On the way back we went up Marlborough St to High and I showed the Boy our old house. It looks great. It was recently painted and looks very fresh and well cared for. My guess is that the CA lesbian couple are no longer there. Next door, Ralphs house was missing the barn. I'm guessing it finally just fell down. I had heard that David Morse bought the house and was going to condo-ize it with 3 condos in the main house, and another 3 in the barn, and then build more in the orchard, but that never happened. I don't know why. It still looks beat up. All the other houses in the 'hood look gorgeous. I showed the Boy the Swett-Isley house and told him about the walk-in fireplace. He couldn't believe we lived next door to a house built in 1670. I showed him the Coffin house, but that was built in 1677 so it wasn't that impressive!

After the Grand Tour of Newburyport (we did miss the Bed Races by 45 minutes) we drove home and arrived just in time to see Kayser voted off Big Brother.

It was such a nice day.
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