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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Why does late night TV suck so much?

There are millions of insomniacs like me out there, and we need something to watch on TV. I like to watch PBS really late at night because there are no annoying commercials and you get to keep the volume down low at the same time you could possibly be learning something. But lately PBS has been sucking royally. They have boring concert shows in between begging sessions. I know they have to beg, and I support them and hope everyone else does, but WHY do they have to have begging in the middle of the night? This is the time when insomniacs want to set the sleep timer and just drift off to dreamland whilst listening to some British drama. Nice and comforting shows like Castles in Ireland or Jellyfish of the North Sea. Shows that you don't really have to watch, but just listen to. But no... we get 20 minutes of begging in the midst of Broadway Babes belting out tunes my parents listened to in 1940. No thank you.

So, if PBS is out, what else is on? You have your celeb gossip shows, Entertainment Tonight and Inside, but they are so boring and so chock full of commercials that it's not really a good late night choice. Then you have the ABC news show that goes on and on, and is really OK except the banter between the cohosts gets annoying. Of course, it's packed with commercials that raise the volume, too. There's the Shop at Home channel. Lastly, there are the infomercials. I hate both of those choices.

If you can't afford, or don't want cable, why do you have to suffer late at night with no choices? We get a lot of channels, something like 15 non-cable channels. Couldn't ONE of them be showing something decent at 3 am?

Shows I'd like to see, commercial free, late at night

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