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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Beep Beep Beep

What sadist invented the backup beep? I want to draw and quarter that guy. While I know that is't a safety feature, can we not turn off the safety feature at 3 am? Or 6 am? Because I know that this is weird, but I want to sleep around that time of night, and I don't want to hear a bleeping backup beep beep beep as some stupid truck driver figures out he has to turn into the tiny driveway behind the park in order to deliver to the 24 hour store 2 blocks away. Yes, that's how LOUD the damn beeping is.

When we lived in le slum, we were across the street from Whole Foods and they had deliveries all night long, which is illegal. On top of that, Walgreens and the huge dental building behind us also had deliveries and their trash emptied at 3 am. Also illegal. All the time we lived in le slum I couldn't sleep through the night because of the noise. In the meantime, the town was fiercely debating extraneous light from commercial buildings. OK, there is way too much light on at night, and the lights are unnecessary, but they don't wake people out of a sound slumber, do they? Beeping does wake people up. Or at least it wakes me us, and I'm sick of it. So today I tried to figure out who is the right person to complain to. I'm still in a quandry, but I did call the Mayor, who of course didn't take my call.

It bothers me that people complain bitterly about the noise teens make at the park at night, but nobody seems bothered by the backup beeps. Am I alone in hating this noise?
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Anonymous Carrie said...

You're not alone. I can't stand that noise either. At our last apartment we heard lots of back-up beeps at all hours, and the sounds of car alarms going off when the tow truck company would come and clear out all the unauthorized cars. I don't know who you would complain to, though.

10/9/05 9:02 AM  

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