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Friday, September 23, 2005

I think autumn is just about here

We've had a remarkable summer. It's been so hot you could fry an egg on the car hood for a good part of the summer. Then we've had a bunch of absolutely gorgeous days, the kind we got in Northern California with bright blue skies, hot but not scorching hot and with no humidity. A few rainy days are to be expected but unlike last summer, it's been mostly clear skies and good sailing.

The past couple of nights it's been crisp outside, and we've had to close the windows, which is even more of a reminder of California. While the baseball game is playing in the background, I'm typing next to my window that is still open, and I'm chilly. The fan laying on the floor is no longer needed. All the perennials in the garden have finished blooming and are setting seed. My herbs have started to flower and need to be brought inside and frozen in ice cubes for the winter. The tomato plant is finished, and we pulled it out of the ground a couple of days ago.

We're watching the end of the season, with the Red Sox down by half a game after being up 3 games most of the late summer. We're all in the edge of our seats here, hoping that we'll be in the playoffs. The whole feeling of baseball and summer changes at the end of September. Will we be the Boys of October again this year? It's 6:3 at the bottom of the 9th and the entire crowd at Fenway is standing. We need this game. The dreaded Yankees are winning their game against Toronto. My heart can't stand much more stress. It already feels like last year's playoffs where New England and Red Sox Nation stayed up until the wee hours of the dawn watching record length playoff games, praying that our beloved team would do the impossible. I cried more during those games than I ever had in regards to sports. I love my Sox.

Tomorrow is the big Steve Glidden (SOX WON!!!) Yard Sale. Steve was one of the four students killed in the Oak Hill bus accident in Canada in 2001. The Boys and Girls club hosts a huge yard sale in Steve's memory for his foundation. The sale brings people from all over the area, and raises thousands for scholarships to the Boys and Girls club camps. My kids have benefitted from this foundation, so we try to attend the sale. Because the sale attracts so many people, the rest of the city goes Yard Sale crazy and there are signs all over the place. I wish I actually had money to spend. I do love a yard sale!

I'm feeling so sad about New Orleans. I just can't believe it's happened again. Rita has toppled the levees and the city is underwater, flooded again. Why is this happening to this poor city? How much more can they take?
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Blogger Mama -E said...

So glad the sox won. So sad the levees broke too... i just wrote a post on it!

23/9/05 10:24 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

What kind of a Sox fan lives in Baltimore and watches her team lose and is glad the Sox won. Let me guess, you're not from Md, you're from New England and just happen to live in Charm City? (Love that name, btw, as a former resident of Pikesville... fits perfectly!).

23/9/05 11:34 PM  

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