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Saturday, September 10, 2005

It is very quiet up there

Boy and Girl both went to bed early tonight. Boy because he was banished for driving his sister to distraction by continually trying to lay his head on her butt on the sofa they were sharing. Girl because she's bored with nobody to terrorize. Yup, things are back to normal.

We've committed to trying a 'level' system to get behaviors under control. There are three levels, and each one has a different amount of privileges on it.

Level Three is the highest level. The kids wanted it that way, but I find it confusing. If you're on Level 3 you get free access to TV, phone, games, music. You can have friends over, you can go out but MUST be home by dark. Bedtime is 10:30 on school nights, 2 on weekends.

Level Two has time limits on activities. TV only for 2 hours, games 1 hour, phone 1 hours, music 1 hour. Home right after school, and you need permission for contact with friends. Bedtime is 10 on school nights, weekends 12:30.

Level One means you have to be home right after school. No plans, TV, phone, games, loud music. Bedtime is 9:30.

Every night we meet to discuss the levels they're on, depending upon the warnings they got during the day. I can move their level down during the day if the warnings continue unabated.

They have rules they must follow, like personal space, no touching, do chores, take showers, no eating anywhere but kitchen, don't take things without permission, etc. Rules are kind of tough for them to follow, but I'm trying hard to get them to be consistant. I'm making headway with some of the rules, but others just seem to be impossible for them to remember.

They also have a list of chores. The Girl has a white board checklist for kitchen duties because she cannot remember what she's supposed to do after more than 3 years of doing the same damn job. So tonight she lies on her checklist, and when I go into the kitchen to check, she's like "I DID clean off the stove" even though there are crumbs and sauce and a mess. Yikes.

I think we're all getting on each other's nerves. The Girl had a friend over this afternoon and she was acting up all over the place. I remember those days when you tried to act all bossy towards your siblings and all tough towards your mom, like following the rules of polite society is optional. Man, these teen years suck.

We all went to Russo's to pick up veggies and fruit and the Girl was helping herself liberally despite several warnings. I tore into her and ripped her a new one right in front of her friend. Yet another promise to myself that I would never behave the way my mom did gone down the drain. Shit, I'm losing this battle.

Bought a bunch of asian veggies for a stir fry this week. Both kids like my stir fry a lot, even with the huge amount of garlic and ginger I put in it. I also bought cannolis that we had for dessert tonight. So damn good.

Fever Pitch is coming out on Tuesday and they have a new Red Sox edition. We'll be getting that one. Sox beat the Yankees tonight and Shilling was pitching. Great game. Great season. I love this team.
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