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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My house is so clean

The house has been looking pretty disgusting lately, between the pooping puppies, my inherent laziness and inability to do much physically, and the kids complete disinterest in cleanliness of any kind. It was dusty, had dust bunnies the size of the cat, and in general looked like Wall Street after a ticker tape parade. Cleaning is important to me, but I'm not able to do it much anymore. However, the one bright light in this whole disability thing is that I now have a home health aide who comes weekly to clean. Yes, I have a state paid-for cleaning lady. She also does grocery shopping, prescription pickups, and cooking. If only she would move in! Today she came and spent four hours cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, and the downstairs rooms. Plus she vacuumed both sets of stairs and my bedroom, did a load of my laundry including sheets, and washed all the wood floors. The house smells delicious, that lovely combination of simple green and murphy's oil soap. Yum. I'm so happy.

Another bus accident happened yesterday. This time it was a tour bus that hit a school bus, but these bus accidents are getting alarming. These kids weren't in our school system, but were Metco kids and for the life of me, I can't figure out why they were on the road they were on, as it's way way way out of their way.

In other news, the most popular Catholic priest in our area has been summarily fired and removed from his parish for improprieties regarding parish finances of around $75K. Interesting considering this priest was one of the most outspoken opponents of the archdiocese and the dispicable Cardinal Law. The archdiocese has been out to get certain outspoken opponents of the handling of the sex abuse cases in Boston, and they struck yesterday at this priest. There are huge protests going on at the rather large church and people are very upset. It amazes me how the archdiocese doesn't understand the feelings of the parishioners about the recent orders of church closings and the attacks on certain priests. The way this whole incident was handled is just astonishing to me. I'm not Catholic and I'm pretty happy about that at this point. I don't know how local Catholics can keep their faith after what the Boston archdiocese has been through in the past few years. I can't wait to hear what the Voice of the Faithful has to say about this latest incident. I really feel for the people of this parish. They don't deserve any more upheaval and this really does seem like a witchhunt against anyone who was vocal about opposing Cardinal Law (that scum).

It is all so different from Judaism. We have our own set of problems, to be sure, but having a central agency that is corrupt and disinterested in it's parishioners and interested more in public appearance and financial gains is foreign to our religion. Judsism is far from perfect, and at this point I'm pretty angry with the way certain synagogues run their businesses (they are a business) but it all pales compared to what's been going on in the Church. Living right in the middle of this whole controversy makes me even more aware of how difficult it must be to continue to go to Church with all this crap hanging over your collective heads.

Lastly, the Donald and Melania are expecting. Why do we care? I don't know, but this little tidbit made the national news. WHY IS THIS NEWS?
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