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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Permanent PMS

Most of the parenting blogs I read are about the parents of little kids. Seems that blogging when you have an infant/toddler is a way of getting the rage out and allowing yourself to feel really successful when your child passes another milestone. Oh boy, what a great mom I am kind of thinking. I've been there, said that plenty of times in the past during my Usenet days. I kind of like reading blogs about little kids because whatever a parent is going through with babies and toddlers, at least they're not dealing with the delightful time in life called puberty. Now, much of the time I like the Girl and am happy to have her around. But this kid gets PMS like you can't believe and she becomes a roaring bitch and impossible to be around. She just can't stop the bitchiness, even with many warnings. I try to cut her some slack because I used to be a roaring bitch during my 'monthlies' too, but heck, I don't have to put up with being screamed at by a banshee all day every day for 10 days a month. It's not fun and I'm frigging tired of it.

When people say that they think Girls are easier I just want to choke with laughter. Boys might be stupid and impulsive, but they tend to live their mothers and try to be helpful. Girls, or at least my Girl, wouldn't offer to help if her life depended upon it, insults me, my cooking, my clothing, my looks, my driving, even my breathing. I can't win with her.

I'd like to suggest an alternative to me having to put up with Ms Moody. Boarding school programs for PMSing Adolescents. Every town should have one, and as soon as you get that first flash of 'tude, off she goes to her boarding school where she can fight to her hearts content with all the other bitchy adolescent PMSers. It's sort of the modern day Red Tent. I think it's a great idea. Do you think we could get special education dollars for this school?
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