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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Peter piper has some pooping puppies.
How many poops did the pooping puppies poop?

If I told you how many poops we have cleaned up since Itchy and Scratchy moved in, you just wouldn't believe me. I figured it would be a lot. Belinda said that it would be a poop every couple of hours. She was vastly underestimating these puppies ability to poop and pee with abandon. Here's an example. Today when I got out of bed mid morning, there were 14 poops on the floor. The Girl had cleaned up the nightime poops at around 8 am, so within the next three hours, we had 14 poops. I've got newspapers all over the place, and sometimes they use them. Sometimes. Usually not. This is exhausting.

They are eating like champs, and Itchy discovered that I make a mean White Chocolate Chip Cranberry cookie and was totally jonesing for them. Hilarious considering the cookies are bigger than she is.

Still no word on the surgery, but the good news is, I didn't get one "Woman" tonight.
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Blogger Belinda said...

OK, the 14 poops were probably not 13 separate poops...puppies tend to move around when they poop. How old are these guys?

I'm tellin' ya, Second Nature Dog Litter. Good stuff.

The hour per month of age thing is really for holding the bladder. But by 10 weeks or so, the poops should be coming fairly regularly.

Are you free-feeding them? Maybe give a few meals a day at specific times, then you'd be able to predict the poop better?

I'm sorry--hate the smell of puppy poop, but I have to smile.

22/9/05 7:22 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Can you believe how cute that face is? That's Itchy, the pic down a few posts is Scratchy. They are SOOOO tiny that everyone who sees them just can't believe they are dogs. I've never seen puppies this small.

They're doing more on the papers, so it's not SOOOO bad. Anyhow, they have new homes they're going to on Sat, so it's basically a moot point. Ms Gemma is DYING to keep Itchy, but I don't want a dog I have to use a magnifying glass to see, and they aren't ever going to be big enough to walk on a leash. Not my kinda dog.

But we've really enjoyed spoiling them rotten. Last night Itchy slept on the sofa with Gemma. I wasn't happy about this, but since she's just a foster pup, I'll let the next family deal with her bad habits.

Bad mom!

22/9/05 8:38 PM  

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