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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Small Rant

The hospital called me late Thursday afternoon to tell me that my surgery wasn't going to be next Wednesday. They didn't know when it would be, but it wasn't going to be when it was scheduled for the last fucking month. Now, normally I would take this in stride, but in order for me to stay at the hospital I have to make a TON of arrangements for the kids, dealing with small things like transportation to and from school, to and from events, etc. And those doing the transportation need to know at least a couple of days ahead of time when I'm going to need them. At this point, I don't know, and I let the person who called know that this was pretty unacceptable from my viewpoint.

I'm about to call the whole thing off. Why is it always at their convenience and not mine. I'm the customer here. I should at least be consulted as to when the surgery should be. I have to change everything to suit the hospital. Sorry, but I think this sucks.

I love my cardiologist, who is a saint in my book. She's thoughtful, she listens to what I have to say, she remembers personal stuff about me and my family and always asks about us, she's competant to a fault, and she's got the kind of soft touch that springs into a lion's roar when she feels something needs to be investigated or corrected. I think she's incredibly smart, and she's the parent of a very ill child, so she understands what it means to live on worry.

The electrophysiologist, on the other hand, is quite young and I don't think she's even married never mind being a mom. She seems perfectly pleasant and had a good sense of humor, but I felt like she didn't see me as part of a family unit, and that can really be detrimental when I'm trying to get things scheduled, like oh, say, a stay in the hospital!

I wish I were incredibly rich and had servants. That would make life so much easier.

(An aside. the kids were born in one of those round towers in the above hospital)
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