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Friday, September 02, 2005

This week has been a bloggers worst nightmare

There are so many things to talk about it's almost impossible to choose between the topics. Do I blog about Bush? How about the looters? How about how much time it has taken to get help to those who need it most? What about the animals left behind? Will New Orleans be rebuilt or will people just not want to come back? Where can I donate, and what can I do to help?

Plus there are the pictures. Over and over and over again on our television screens we see the despiration of people who need so little, and yet have even less. Why did it take 5 days to get water and food to people? Why are the dead left out on the streets? Why doesn't FEMA know it's ass from it's elbow? What the hell is going on with our Federal government that we can't fly damn helicopters onto the scene and drop food? Or diapers? Or medicine? Where are the hospital ships? What is going to happen once people reach Houston? Why is the New Orleans airport being made into a makeshift hospital? And most of all, why are we treating the Americans of the gulf coast like they are refugees? They are AMERICANS. They pay taxes and work in businesses and go to our schools and we are treating them like third world refugees that don't deserve more than they're getting.

Same on the Federal government. Shame on the Shurb for his embarassingly vague comments when he finally deemed it timely to visit the disaster area. Shame on them for cutting the budget of FEMA to such an extent that it is now an impotent disorganized agency that can't possibly ramp up a rescue missing. Shame on them for sending our National Guard to Iraq when they are supposed to be here in the USA helping with national disasters. Shame on them for cutting the funding for the levees three years straight. Shame on them for pretending that they didn't know the seriousness of the upcoming storm and were taken by surprise.

Some quotes found on Michael Moore's web site define my thoughts on the whole subject of race in determining why help was so slow in coming:

"I assume the president's going to say he got bad intelligence... I think that wherever you see poverty, whether it's in the white rural community or the black urban community, you see that the resources have been sucked up into the war and tax cuts for the rich." -- Congressman Charles B. Rangel

"Many black people feel that their race, their property conditions and their voting patterns have been a factor in the response... I'm not saying that myself, but what's self-evident is that you have many poor people without a way out." -- Rev. Jesse Jackson

"In New Orleans, the disaster's impact underscores the intersection of race and class in a city where fully two-thirds of its residents are black and more than a quarter of the city lives in poverty. In the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood, which was inundated by the floodwaters, more than 98 percent of the residents are black and more than a third live in poverty."
-- David Gonzalez, NY Times

"We've got to get a handle on the situation."
-- George W. Bush

The fact of the matter is, nobody gives a flying fuck about the people left in New Orleans because they are the most marginal members of our society, the poor urban black folks who are barely surviving day to day. Today on TV I got a glimpse of some program with Kanye West who said "Bush hates Black people." Can't argue that. I just hope all the people who are so outraged at the incompetence the Bush administration has shown these past 5 years will remember this when it comes time to vote. Compassionate Repubicans my ass. They don't know compassion from a hole in the ground.

On an upbeat note, I found reference to someone I know from NOLA today on the Chabad Louisiana website and they are all safe. Don't know where they are, but they are alive and well. Baruch Hashem, they get their lives back. Please say a misheberach for Jan, Frank, Tovah, Eliana, Asher, David, and Shoshana.

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Blogger neener said...

I'm no fan of Jesse Jackson, but he nailed it when he said the situation at the Convention Center was like the hull of a slave ship.

4/9/05 7:19 AM  

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