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Monday, September 05, 2005

Two down and we're shit outta luck

With Sandra Day O'Conner's resignation there was a sense of resignation that Shrub would be appointing a new member to the supreme court. Not a good feeling, but a realization that there really isn't much we can do about the moron choosing yet another one of his idjit cronies for a lifetime appointment.

But now, Chief Justice Rehnquist's death, we're totally shit out of luck. Having two appointments to the supreme court gives Shrub the opportunity to make a long-lasting strike on liberalism. Say goodbye to women's rights, because they're gone. Say goodbye to religious freedom, because it's long gone as we turn righter towards becoming a born-again nation. The thought sickens me. And lastly say hello to guns, guns, and more guns, as the brady bill is struck down and the new supreme court takes away all restraints on gun ownership.

Although I was no fan of Rehnquist and his conservative push towards the right for the court, at least you knew what to expect from him. He was unabashedly conservative. But what will Bush find attractive in his next nominee? Roberts certainly isn't anyone I can support and I fear that his addition to the court will push it further towards the loony right. But now we're talking about Bush choosing yet another white man, although it is possible he might go with Alberto Gonzales (let us pray he does not) but you can bet it's not going to be a woman.

Equally scary is who is going to be appointed to Chiel Justice. Will it be (heaven help us) Scalia? Kennedy? Or even worse, Clarence Coke-Can Thomas? Can you imagine what a laughing stock American would be seen as overseas if either of those two was our Chief Justice. It's bad enough Cuba is offering aid to the Katrina victims, but really, do we need any more humiliation worldwide?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, are we ever screwed.
My only hope is, the American people are so angry about Katrina that Shrub can't get a nominee through until he's out of office.

How's that for a vain hope?

5/9/05 12:42 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Now it's even worse. Roberts for Chief? I gotta check out Canada again. Why do they have such shitty weather there?

5/9/05 2:57 PM  

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