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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tzedakah is a good thing

Today the Girl and her friend Pebbles went into the Centre and raised $85. collecting money for Katrina Hurricane victims. At first they seemed somewhat clueless as to how to ask people for money, but evidentally they got it down, and they brought in quite a decent haul for a couple hours work. I had to give them a lot of direction at first, but then I left them to their collecting and went back home to pick up the Boy. He was still sleeping, but had finally arisen from the dead by the time I returned for him. We shot the shit for a bit and then went back into the Centre to see how the Girls were doing. By then, another two girls had joined the crew, and they had done a bit of shopping at everyone's favorite teen store, Jasmine Sola. They also poked their heads into the National Jean Co to look at the $92 fake vintage t'shirts. What a ripoff that store is. The Boy and I read the newspaper in the park while the girls dunned for contributions, and then we all went back home to count their takings.

I'm so proud that she would take time to collect money for people less fortunate then herself. It's hard for her to imagine people less fortunate than herself, because we're so poor here as compared to her classmates. So I'm extra proud that she could go beyond her own comfort zone and help people. Her fiend Pepples is a METCO kid from Roxbury and she's never done anything like this before. I think it's a great thing for kids to step outside themselves and start thinking beyond their town and their own selfish needs. The Girl is a good kid and she has a great heart. There are those times when I'm so frustrated with her, but for the most part she's a very solid citizen.

I'm going to send both kids out tomorrow to stand in front of the Mobile Book Fair. That gets a lot of traffic and the people are nice liberal thinkers. My kinda place!
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