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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Confusion reigns here in the garden city

Because of the high holidays, I keep thinking today is Monday when it's Thursday. I had 3 separate meetings scheduled for today, and I got completely furblunget (mixed up) and slept through the first one. Shit! Made it to the second two, but I was getting a ride from the Boy's caseworker to the last one, and he arrived 45 minutes early. Because he was off, I got completely confused and forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer to defrost, so had to make pasta again. Not a popular dish these days in our house. We're all kind of sick of it.

Then, I had all these Monday plans to do today, like call a friend and find some papers that I've been searching for half-assed for a week now but really do need to find asap. But I ended up doing neither of those things, and by the time I called J, she was off to New York and I have no way of knowing where she is for a few days. Shit, I really needed to talk to her. Plus, I can't find those damn papers. I'm so pissed off at myself because I'm usually very good about putting things where they belong, but then I got a bit behind (a bit...what a joke!) on my filing and have this big cardboard box next to my desk filled with all sorts of stuff that needs to go into one of the 3 filing cabinets I have lining the upstairs hallway office. I cleaned up all the piles on my desk, and went through all the manila envelopes but no papers. Then I did a cursory search through the box, but I couldn't find the papers there either. So now I have to go through every drawer, every box, every pile, every stinking loose piece of paper looking for that one paper I must have. My life really sucks.

The Girl pulled out my cornrows after the Boy took photos with his single use camera, and Belinda will be thrilled to know that I not only look much like a standard poodle, but my hair feels like poodle hair. Of course, we had to photograph that as well. If the pictures aren't completely disgusting (which they will be) I'll post them once we get them developed and then scanned.

We watched Lost again two times today, and I'm feeling particularly grounded on the various theories and hints. I hope you all caught the B.F. Skinner references from the Hanso Foundation, which were pretty brilliant references. and the books shown, both of which were quite relevant to the plotline. Do you need to see the Orientation Film again? Link here.

The only thing that really threw me was Jin speaking perfectly unaccented English during the coming attractions. What the? I just hope it isn't a dream sequence. Next week Hurley's backstory focuses on the numbers and his time in the psych ward with Lenny. I'm hoping that we learn that Lenny was one of the former Swan volunteers, which would make some sense. I'm so loving this show. It reminds me a lot of the hysteria around that show from the late 60's called The Prisioner with Patrick McGoohan. Anyone remember that or does it just mark me as an oldie but goodie?
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Blogger Belinda said...

OK. PLEASE. Fill me in on the secrets. I know all about Skinner and operant conditioning, and can see where that whole stupid button-pushing thing works into that, but I had Loud Manic Toddler to deal with during that episode, and was only able to half-watch, and I've obviously missed important subtle clues. I don't even remember SEEING any books, much less what they were. I'll watch the orientation film again in the meantime, but EMAIL ME PLEASE!

7/10/05 5:41 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

OK, I'll do it later or this weekend. I have the episode TIVOed and I'll watch it again and take copious notes. :-) Really, I think I've posted much of what I know on your blog, but I'll recap, ok?

7/10/05 10:48 PM  

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