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Friday, October 21, 2005

Couple 'o questions for you internets

I need a blog redo. I hate the blogspot backgrounds, I want a better banner (or any banner for that matter) and I'm feeling like I need a color update. But I'm not sure what I want. I like some blog designs better than I like the content, and I like some content much better than I like the design. Lately I've seen a lot of sort of '50's housewife designs, and that's SO not me. But what is me? I've been fooling around with Illustrator and Photoshop, but I'm not a designer and I like stuff that I know would drive others to distraction. So, with that in mind.....

What would you think I would choose to represent this blog?

What would YOU choose to represent this blog based on what you've read?

Do you recommend any particular blog designer?

Here are some of the ideas I've been working on (note, I'm not a designer nor do I play one on TV:

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Anonymous carrie said...

Wish I could help, but I am no designer. It took me ages to come up with my simple design and I've had it for the past two or three years. I don't like those 50s housewife designs that are becoming so popular either. What you have now looks very workable.

23/10/05 2:59 PM  
Blogger misha said...

darlene schacht is an excellent designer. i can't find her webskin page but here's her blog:


24/10/05 9:54 PM  

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