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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Halloween Countdown
Day 11

Back to the animals tonight. It's been a high drama day here, with the Girl entertaining a couple of shrill shreiky friends all day. At one point I sat everyone down with a pan of brownies and we watched Crash. Great film, but a bit heavy especially after last night's drama. One of the Girl's friends is an inner city kid bussed to suburbia for school, and watching Crash with her was interesting. She missed a lot of the racism, which is the entire point of the movie.

Anyhow, back to the pets. In view of all the drama we've observed, I dub today high drama pet day. So we've got King Pussypants acting as King Henry V in Shakespeare's bloody homage to the hatred between the Britons and the Francs. Note the lovely crown and cape King Henry is sporting. They both sport faux ermine trim, and golden accents with jewels. I have a weird feeling that this particular kitty is stuffed, not live. But the costume is lovely, either way.

Our pretty puppy Georgina is sporting a Cinderella costume. What girl doesn't feel the angst of Cinderella, cooking, cleaning, and slaving for her evil stepmother and her horrible ugly step sisters while dreaming of a life outside this nightmare. Cinderella's fairy godmother comes to save her and brings her to a ball at the palace, where she enchants the prince. At the stroke of midnight she runs away, losing a glass slipper on the stairs. The prince finds the slipper and does a nationwide search to find the girl that the slipper fits. He comes to Cinderella's house and the evil stepsisters try to cram their feet into the shoe to no avail. Then he sees Cinderella cleaning the house and demands that she too try on the slipper. Of course it fits, he brings her to the castle as his wife and they live happily ever after. Sob.
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