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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Countdown Day 15

You can feel it in the air. Finally it is cold and crisp and the ground is drying out. Leaves are falling. Unfortunately they're still on branches and they're green, but they are falling. Northern New England has had it's first snowfall. Houses up and down the street have pumpkins on the front steps, and we're starting to see some nice decorations. There's a house here that has a huge spiderweb and a gigantic spider that moves and lights up when it senses motion. One house near us has ghosts hanging out windows on all three floors, plus a big graveyard in the front yard. A house that decorates every year to the hilt has gargoyles and witches and will put out a canopy that has real coffins and animated bodies that sit up.

I'm partial to the houses that don't use that dry ice fake smoke. That stuff makes me choke up. I know why people like it, it is spooky but heck, asthma is on the rise folks. I always like a house that has spooky music or sound effects. When I was a kid there was a house that had a vampire rigged up so that when the front door opened, it went flying down the stairs along with a bunch of creepy sound effects. We knew it was there, but it was scary every year.

If I were made of money and had all the time in the world (OK, I do have all the time in the world already) I'd line our entire driveway with jack'o lanterns. but the truth is, it would take an army to carve that many pumpkins. A guestimate would be about 200 pumpkins to line the entire driveway from bottom to top. Not on my watch. Maybe next year I'll go through the Oriental Trading Co halloween catalog and see if I can find any decent lighting or luminerias or something. It seems a shame to have such a dramatic driveway going up the hill to our spooky Victorian and nobody to appreciate it.
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