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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Halloween Countdown
Day 3

So you have more than one dog, do you? Spending half your take-home pay on dogfood so costumes might be a bit more expensive than you want to shell out. No problem, my friend. Mosey on over to your linen closet and poke around in the back for some old sheets. The perfect costume for a bevy of dogs is there for the asking. Ghostly pups make a great decorative scene at your front door to greet all the little trick or treaters, or take them out trick or threating with you. Just be sure to take away all the chocolate and eat it yourself. Chocolate is bad for dogs.

Have a cat, you say? Yes, they are less adaptable to costumes, but don't fret. There is one for little Fluffykins, too. Don't let her be left out of the Halloween festivities just because she insists on wearing that damn fur coat again. This kitty here is dressed as a British schoolboy, but I'm sure you can find just the right costume to show off Fluffy's personality.

On the Halloween beat at our house, we were at the Christmas Tree Shop today picking up some el-cheapo fleece blankets for the sofas, and everything for Halloween was 50% off. For those readers unfortunate enough to not be familiar with the Christmas Tree Shops, you just don't know what you're missing. One of the best places to get holiday decorations, very inexpensive kitchen supplies (we got a brand new pizza stone for $3.99 and a silicone muffin tin for $2.99), some amazing home products like glassware, decorative items, silverware, etc. Everything is about 1/2 the price of HomeGoods or Marshalls, and with another 50% off, we picked up Halloween pumpkin lights for $2.99 and a couple of very cool strings of pumpkin garland for the Sukkah for $1.00 each! Man, I love that store!
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