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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Halloween Countdown Day 7

It's been a tough day here in dog heaven, but I've been busy finding the perfect dog costumes for that multi-dog family. Do you love Star Wars? Are you waiting with baited breath for Episode 3: Revenge of the Siths to come out on DVD Nov 1? Do you have time on your hands to watch the entire Star Wars extravaganza over and over and over. Then perhaps your pups might enjoy dressing up as some of your favorite characters. With honorable mention to Belinda, whose nephew is being accompanied this Halloween by DoggieDarth Vader, here are the Star Wars dogs.

Is your favorite pup a bit on the vicious side? Likes to snap at all the Malteses and Yorkies in the dog park? Maybe a bit aggressive in stealing food off the counter? Darth Puppy might be the right costume for this guy.

Yoda is a great costume for your wiser pooches. When you've got a pup that likes to sit for long hours comtemplating his navel, or even a bit lower on the torso, then perhaps you have a perfect Yoda.

Have a princess pooch? A real girly girl pup like likes grooming, wearing jeweled collars and having a manicure at the groomers? No question about it, this is the costume for your little Princess Leia.

Now try and get the Star Wars theme out of your mind.
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Blogger Belinda said...

My Delta is going to make a MUCH better Darth Dog than that model, because she is solid black, and I fear has the Sith mindset. I know she plays Jedi mind-tricks on us all the time, because she never does what we say and somehow we always seem to let it slide. Hmmmmm.

20/10/05 10:18 PM  
Blogger Laura Brittain said...

Okay... here it goes... I was completely unaware that people dress up their dogs. My friend just put a post to our blog. I thought it was so funny. He dresses his dog up and takes pictures... I had to search and see if others dressed their dogs up as well. To see Stogie (friend's dog) in this birthday suit. www.haneyfarm.com.

21/10/05 11:28 AM  

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