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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Halloween Countdown
Day 8

What kind of day is it today? Why, it's Superhero day here a Doggy Heaven. A day when we all need to be rescued by our canine superheros. So climb aboard the bus to Gotham City and we'll see who makes it to the Superhero Doggy parade.

Do do do do do do do do BATDOG! No Robin accompanying this SuperStud, so we can't really say this is the dynamic duo, but I think BatDog is ready to protect us from the evil Riddler.

Next, we have what isn't techically a superhero, but in honor of the upcoming film with the beautiful Catherine Zeta -Jones and Antonio Banderas, let me introduce Zorrp. This pug makes the sign of the Z every time he hits the hydrant. Plus he barks with that romantic Latino accent. Although he's not carrying is sword in this photo, he usually comes complete with a shiney saber.

Last in our SuperDog series is the infamous SpideyDog. Well this might be a bit harder to believe except we all know that dogs eat bugs, so why could't it be a radioactive spider? I just want to know where Kirsten Dunst is and if she's going to show up for that romantic upside down kiss. Mmmmm....slobber!
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