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Friday, October 21, 2005

Halloween Countdown
Day 9

Getting sick of dogs dogs and more dogs? You're right, I'm being unfair to the feline world. Of course it's well known that cat's doing like costumes and they certainly hate Halloween, where they're made out to be an evil symbol. Black cats everywhere, rise up and protest. Some cats are urbane enough to allow their slaves to dress them up for Halloween. Although they understand that nothing is more beautiful than a thick fur coat, especially one that sheds all over your finest black suit, an occasional foray into silliness must be tolerated, even by the most dignified cat.

Here we have a kitty decked out in her Halloween finest. She's Sabrina, the Feline Witch. You can tell by Sabrina's face that she's ready to cast a spell on her owners, and it's not going to be pleasant. Anyone considering being turned into a toad? Sabrina's your girl. Sabrina is embarassed by the pilgrim buckle on her hat. She asks you, what self-respecting cat would wear a pilgrim buckle on their hat. Everyone knows they belong on shoes. She's also curious about that orange blob on her cape. What's that about?

Dumbledore is looking rather disgusted as well. I guess it's the way cats always look when their slaves deign to take the reins and dress them up in stupid costumes. Dumbledore says, "Who would believe a cat would wear a wizard's hat?" Everyone knows, thinks Dumbledore, that cats don't need to pretend to do magic with these silly outfits and a big conehead. Cats can jump from high places and land on their feet. What wizard can do that? Plus, that stupid blue bow under the chin? How mortifying.

KingandCaboodle loves his red velvet cape, but wishes it was trimmed in ermine. What King doesn't have at least one purple cape trimmed in ermine, he wonders. Red isn't his best color either, but the cape does make him look very regal. However, he wants his slave to know that this hat is unacceptable unless he's going to the Bishop's convention at the Vatican. He feels that this makes his ears look big, and he really does have beautiful ears that match his pretty toesies.
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