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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Halloween Countdown

Days 12 and 13

Sorry, we've been a bit under the weather here at Casa Drizzlin' Shits. I'm a bit behind (pun intended) on my blogging. Today was a terrible storm and it was very pleasant to be tucked in bed watching crappy daytime TV and sleeping most of the day away. I sulked when Kelly wasn't on Regis and Kelly. Why, when Regis has his wife Joy fill in for Kelly, does he pretend to interview her on what she's been up to. They live in the same damn apartment! You would think he knows what is happening in her life. So I fell asleep and slept through Ellen, the news, All My Children, and woke up just in time for As the World Turns. The Girl was also feeling poorly with a gippy tummy and slept with me most of the day. Our cleaning person came and she went grocery shopping for me. What a luxury! I'm loving this home health aide thing.

What I need is a french maid to take care of me. I'd like someone to lay out my clothes each morning, run my bath, remove my dirty linen, and bring up a cuppa and some brekkie. I love having someone wait on me instead of my waiting on them.
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