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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Harvest Festival my ass!

This morning I was rudely awakened by the Girl with the poke to end all pokes. But she was so excited. "Mom! Look, the sun is out." Yes, the first time in 10 days we've actually seen that golden orb in the sky. I had almost forgotten what it looked like.

But in typical New England fashion, along with the sun came incredible winds, some registering up to 50 mph. So of course the weakened tree branches came down, littering the lawn with stray leaves and twigs. I ignored them, hoping they would blow into the woods. What else was I going to do, rake them? I think not.

Today was the town's Harvest Festival, so the Girl and a couple of her friends took the "T" into the center of town and cruised around. I told her I would meet her at 4:30 and drove her home. The Boy and I got there at 4 thinking we would have plenty of time to walk around the craft booths and check out the merchandise. But no...these wimpy artists were so cold they had already packed away most of their stuff, and so I missed looking and the jewelery and the hand made sweaters. I was mightily dissapointed until I looked up and saw the Verizon (Carrie's favorite company) booth. They were pushing their new FIOS service, which has just become available in our city. A friend of mine has already had it installed and it is really fast. I don't know why anyone would need anything 30 times faster than cable, but anyhow. So we marched on over to the booth just in time to see them close the booth down. They had some online games we played for a minute, but the raffle was over and we never had time to even enter. I was bummed, but I found out a bit later that the kid in front of the Girl won a new teeny IPOD and she was bummed.

The biggest disappointment of all was the fudge lady had already gone by the time we arrived. I was pissed. She has the best fudge and it's the only time of the year I eat fudge. There was fried dough, but I wasn't in the mood. I wanted her milk chocolate cranberry fudge bad. The kids are both too old to ride any of the rides but they are now to big to even jump in the bouncy castle. That totally sucks. We walked back to the car completely bummed about the whole experience. The only bright spot was the Girl's nice piece of gossip from her old school, that she heard by running into an old classmate. Very juicy!
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Blogger Pumpkin Pie said...

My husband and I stopped at a "festival" this past Sunday in a little village in Alsace, France...after dragging out our three babies and two strollers we walked through the main street only to find a bunch of junk! No real food...just some bread and more strange bread! The sign said harvest festival in french but it was more like a flea market. I was very homesick for America...the fall is my favorite season..and after putting all three babies and two strollers back into the car I would have given almost anything for a pumpkin or pecan pie! And now I will be adding fudge to my list of foods I miss most!

17/10/05 12:19 PM  

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