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Monday, October 31, 2005

Here we go again

The Shrub has nominated Samuel Alito for Supreme Court Justice, part 3. This guy looks pretty much like what I feared, a uberconservative who seeks to unravel Roe v. Wade. Quoth his mother:

Alito's mother shed some light. ``Of course, he's against abortion,'' 90-year-old Rose Alito said of her son, a Catholic.

Among his noteworthy opinions was his lone dissent in the 1991 case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey, in which the 3rd Circuit struck down a Pennsylvania law that included a provision requiring women seeking abortions to notify their spouses.

So consistently conservative, Alito has been dubbed ``Scalito'' or ``Scalia-lite'' by some lawyers because his judicial philosophy invites comparisons to conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. But while Scalia is outspoken and is known to badger lawyers, Alito is polite, reserved and even-tempered. I'd just like to mention that this is once again an example of cronyism. Can you guess who nominated Alito to the Federal Appeals Court? I'll give you a hint: Daddy Bush.

The big problem is, given solid Republican support in the Senate where the GOP controls 55 of the 100 seats, Democrats would have to filibuster to block Alito's confirmation, a tactic that comes with political risks. Alito also enjoys the early support of conservative activists who used their sway in the Bush White House to derail Harriet Meir's nomination. The fight to nominate Alito, a judge on the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals since 1990, is one step in Bush's political recovery plan as he tries to regain his footing after a cascade of troubles including the failing Iraq war, and the indictment of Cheny's chief of staff, Libby, rocked his presidency. Currently at a 39% approval rating, it will take the power of the Gods to recover from this debacle.

This nominee demonstrates that President Bush has buckled to pressure from fringe extremist groups who felt his previous nominee, Harriet Miers, was not conservative enough to impose their rigid ideology on Americans.

Rather than choose a fair-minded nominee who clearly supports the rights that most Americans hold dear, President Bush again has divided the country by allowing ultraconservative interest groups to set his national agenda. Because, as we recall, he's a Divider, not a Uniter.

We know these conservative hardliners do not represent the majority of Americans. Let's prove it by speaking out in record numbers.

Urge your senators to oppose Alito's nomination today.

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Blogger Dutch said...

this just stinks of bush trying to deflect as much attention as possible from his failures and the corruption and treason of his staff by naming a justice who the democrats will clearly not be able to vote for.

if you look at GW's speeches from his cmpaign, they are full of BS about wanting to work with democrats and restore dignity to washington. what a miserable failure.

31/10/05 4:16 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I couldn't agree more. This whole charade about good government and a bazillion points of light is total bullshit. I hate that man so much. How come HE doesn't get assinated. Oh... because then we'd have cheney for sure.

31/10/05 5:22 PM  

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