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Friday, October 14, 2005

I admit it. I am obsessed.

There is something about the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise relationship that just bugs me beyond any realm of sanity. I guess I need to understand why a seemingly normal woman would ever involve themselves with that paragon of evil, Mr Cruise. The latest chapter in the saga is the announcement that Katie and Tom will be getting married in Mexico. Katie says that she wants to get married before her 'bump' gets too big, but heaven forfend, did you see the bump she's already showing? My theory that it's fake still stands, by the way.

The article states that Tom is very 'old fashioned' and wants the baby born in wedlock. Um, unless I'm completely nuts, doesn't this usually mean NOT taking the baby to the wedding inutero? How old fashioned can Tom be if they 'had premarital relations' (yeah, right!) and he knocked up (snicker) Katie before marriage?

My favorite part is that they've taken over the entire hotel for the wedding, meaning that all the other guests with long standing Christmas reservations have been bumped unceremoniously, scrambling now for other plans. What a nice guy that Tom is!

Katie's father is understandably furious about the whole deal. He doesn't like Tom, according to reports, and he's very unhappy with Katie right now. I can't blame him. The devout Catholic father is trying to sort out why his daughter now has a scientology minder following her every move. How creepy is that?

The whole deal just boggles the mind. I can't wait to see what happens next. It's like one of those accidents by the side of the highway that you can't stop staring at.

And can I just comment that Tom always wears those tight t'shirts that make him look so frigging gay? Why is he trying to hide his sexual orientation at the same time he's flaunting it?
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Blogger nita said...

while i *never* look at roadside accidents, i can NOT stop watching what these 2 idiots are up to. i won't even watch Dawson's Creek anymore. they ruined my favorite tv show everrrrr for me!

14/10/05 2:11 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...





16/10/05 2:12 AM  
Blogger Mama M said...

You are freakin' hilarious. Oh I am so with you on this crazy catastrophe.

18/10/05 12:05 AM  

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