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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just put a gun to my head

Let's peek at the calendar, shall we? October 29th. October. The month when leaves turn orange and we all look forward to that candy blitz at the end of the month. The month when you plant your bulbs for spring and trim back the garden. The month when you take drives out the the country and sigh with wonder at the colors of nature.

October is NOT the month when snow falls. Do you hear me? Snow is verboten in October. I don't want to see one frigging flake until well after Thanksgiving. I don't want 6 months of winter. I don't deserve 6 months of winter. But you know what is going on right now out my window? SNOW. Fucking Frigging white flakes of hell. At first, when the Girl woke me up to tell me it was snowing, I thought hopefully that it might be pollen. I don't know what kind of pollen would be falling from the sky in late October, but heck, I'm the queen of denial. Then it really started coming down in big fat flakes. Still in denial, I declared it would not stick.

We drove to the grocery store to pick up the Halloween candy (on sale at $1.77/bag...yum) and when we exited the Stop n Slop, the snow was sticking. Still the optimist, I said, oh, it will only stick for a few minutes and then it will melt.

That was over an hour ago and the grass is gone, there's a couple of inches on the trees, still filled with their green leaves, and the mountain laurel right outside my office window is bending over with the weight of the snow.

I want to know who I can sue. This is outrageous. Snow from October to April. That's just wrong.

"Honey, can you go and get Mommy the bottle of Vodka in the freezer?"
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Anonymous dawn said...

I agree...there should be a law against snow any earlier than the middle of December

30/10/05 2:26 AM  
Blogger nita said...


c'mon over. i got tons of booze in the freezer ;)

30/10/05 8:23 AM  

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