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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Update: I couldn't make this up. I could try, but it wouldn't be as nasty or as funny. Britney's sex tape is in the works. It can't get nastier than this.

Celebrity gossip just can't get better than it did today. So many nasty celebs, so little time.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have announced that they are pregnant. Now, between you and me, this isn't possible. Katie has told the world that she's a virgin and plans to remain so until marriage. But that's not why it's impossible. Tom is as gay as Richard Simmons, and as far as his fertility goes, no kids with Mimi, and with Nicole they adopted two biracial children. His swimmers aren't particularly volatile, methinks. Plus, there is that "who are you fooling factor." Me, I think that there was a turkey baster and/or an infertility clinic involved in this immaculate conception.

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachay have broken up. Not surprising as her career has taken off and his has remained stagnent. Besides, what the hell can those two talk about behind closed doors. Either she is the dumbest box of rocks on the earth or he's even dumber for marrying her. Now that their TV reality show is over, I guess the reality of being married has sunk in and they've both run for cover on opposite coasts.

Lindsey Lohan in yet another car accident. She needs to drive something safer than a Mercedes with all the accidents she's getting into. I suggest a Hummer, Lindsey.

Britney Spears is selling used flip flops and other clothing on Ebay. Those flip flops are nasty. Nasty! Who in their right mind want to wear her toe jam filled flip flops. Blech! But what is more interesting is the Britney's pregnant sex tape is supposed to be released to the 'net soon. This could be better than the Paris Hilton tape.

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is pregnant and showing a bump. Is this true? Only the Enquirer knows right now, but I'm wondering if she would want a home grown baby after two international adoptions. Regardless, her beau Brad Pitt and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Jennifer Anniston have put their Hollywood mansion on the market for a mere $28 million. The house is lovely, but the furniture is hidious.

Moving on to reality based commentary two days home with the kids is really annoying at times. The Boy has a very controlling personality that tends to get on everyone's nerves after a while. He likes to watch his sister's keystrokes as she types on the computer, telling her whenever he feels she has done something amiss. She's ready to kill him. We had a short psychopharm appointment the other night and instead of seeing the doctor at his regular site, we stopped at his home office to pick up a script. His home office is quite near our home, so we just drove over and parked in front of the house. There was a path that was completely lit up leading to the back yard, and a totally dark path leading to the front door. Mr Controlling insisted that there was no back door and that the front door was the right door to go to. I begged, I pleaded, I yelled, but he would not go to the back door. I got back into the car and started to drive off without him because I was so pissed off with the arguing and he decided to go back down the lighted path. Lo and behold, that was the home office door. Then we get into the doctor's office and he starts arguing with me about the dosage of a certain med. I know his dosages backwards and forwards, but he refused to back down. We got home, I showed him the bottle with the dosage I told him correct, and then sent him to bed. My biggest fear is that he becomes one of those controlling husbands that won't let anyone else have an opinion or do anything. He already is the guy who can't watch TV without a remote in his hand, and who switches channels in the middle of a program, just because. I get so frustrated.

The Red Sox are killing me. I cannot stand watching this slaughter. It is too depressing for words. I need to either stop watching or start better antidepressants.

Last thing: The Girl was bored this afternoon and decided to corn row my hair. Normally I don't let her do stuff like this to my hair because it is so long and tends to get really snarly, but it was soaking wet from an afternoon shower, so I let her at it. It took more than an hour, but I now have a head with cornrows. I look ridiculous, but I promised to let it stay in for a bit, so I'll undo it tomorrow evening when I take my shower. It feels so weird. The things I do to entertain the kiddos.
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Anonymous bitemycookie said...

happy new year to you too

this cracked me. thanks for the laugh so early in the morning. been long time since we've had such a big news day.

but i do call BS on nick and jessica. they are totally TLF.

6/10/05 8:32 AM  

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