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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Play along. It's pick and choose day!

I've been saving up for a rainy day, and now I've got some links to offer you on this long weekend. There's something for everyone, so have fun finding some new sites on which to waste time. Isn't the internet the greatest thing?

Cooking for Engineers has been a source of interest to me for some time. It's an analytical look at food and food preparation, and I find it both inspiring and hilariously funny. For anyone who has been married to, worked with, live with an engineer, you'll love this site.

Welcome to Engrish continually entertains me. My favorite category are the signs. What can you find that's particularly funny?

Daily Kos is a well-reasoned, thought-provoking site that tackles the daily news and different presents viewpoints to ponder. Decidely anti_Bush, this is a must read for us liberal folks.

Two incredibly time wasters. Like to play games while you're on hold? Try Peekaboom and Eggs. Both are addicting but really really stupid.

Our government is so full of funny commentary. Here are some of the better comments about Katrina.

I'm thinking of renting this for our next party. If only it were available in the USA.

Addicted to LOST? Want to discuss it with similarly addicted viewers and possibly some of the 'in the know' cast and crew? This is a great place to find clues, conspiracy theories, and general gossip.

Anyone with ADD/ADHD in your life? This could be helpful.

Here is the diary of a Saudi man currently living in London, but filled with amazing stories and commentary about his homeland. A definate must read.

And while we're on the subject, here are some great arabic insults to shoot off at people who won't know what you're saying.

Think you're screwing up your kids? Think again. This site has stories guaranteed to turn your hair gray, if it isn't already.

Tests, tests, and more psych tests. How mentally healthy are you?

Too Stupid to be President. Merchandise you can't live without. Plus some great cartoons to entertain you.

When you absolutely need a quote but can't find one in your many books, look here.

Got a kid taking science? Then you need these textbook disclaimers to pass out to your science teachers.

Underground Paris. Very interesting. Who knew that underneath the city of lights there were such interesting sites to see.

What it means to be poor. Don't skip this one. Everyone needs to read it.

I need this hat. Anyone that knits and wants to make it for me, please let me know. I think it's hilarious and I happen to collect weird winter hats. This one, however, tops anything I've got.

These are paintings. Not photos, paintings. I'd kill to own one of these. Next to Scott Prior, this is my favorite photorealist artist.

Let me know what you liked and what you didn't like.
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Anonymous Carrie said...

Thanks for posting all this entertainment for me! I love the cooking for engineers site. I'm married to one, and it def. reminds me of him. I also have read the what it means to be poor essay before and agree that everyone needs to read it. I can't take time to look through everything else right now since my mom is yapping at me, but I will explore more when I'm up at 4 in the morning (hopefully I won't be, but that's my track record these days)

9/10/05 5:54 PM  

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