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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Plumber is coming!

I hate to spend money on little repairs. It seems like such a waste to get a plumber out to the house just to fix a broken showerhead or a blocked drain. So I tend to let things add up before I call the plumber. But I must admit, I went a bit overboard this time. He estimates that he'll be at the house at least 1/2 of the day, and maybe more. This is a list of his tasks:

He's going to replace the innards of the downstairs powder room toilet. That one runs a lot and the chain keeps breaking and the ballcock doesn't always align with the plug. It needs an overhaul. Additionally, that sink's drain plug broke loose from the rod below, so the drain is either always open (which is fine much of the time) or completely closed. I'd like it to work more efficiently.

The faucet on the kitchen sink is so loose that you can barely turn it on anymore. The faucet needs to be replaced, so I've picked out one of those gooseneck faucets.

The gas dryer needs to be hooked up. It's just too damn wet to keep hanging out the laundry and it doesn't dry for days in the basement. I feel like my experiment in living without a dryer was quite successful as we didn't use one for 7 months, probably saving plenty of money. But it just needs to be hooked up for winter.

My bathroom needs a complete drain rooter in the bathtub. It's never drained well, and with all the long hair in our family, there is no hope of keeping it unblocked. The shower head needs replacing. I hate the head we have now, one of those low flow jobs that keeps you begging for some water pressure. Any water pressure. I just don't get why people would want a low flow shower. Isn't the point of water pressure to get the damn conditioner out of your hair? I want the plumber to fix the water pressure as well as replace the shower head. I so miss my old steam shower. That had the best water pressure.

What a busy boy he'll be. I can't wait for plumbing that works just like it's supposed to, especially since the bathrooms all have brand new fixtures.
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