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Monday, October 31, 2005

Say it ain't so, Theo

Theo Epstein, the General Manager of my beloved Boston Red Sox resigned today. This saddens me tremendously. Theo is not only the best looking General Manager ever in the history of baseball, but he's a native of Brookline MA, his entire family is from MA, and he loves the Red Sox with every fibre of his being. He resigned even though the Sox matched his salary demands, which makes me believe that he was having problems getting along with Larry Luchino, Tom Werner, and John Henry, the owners of the Sox.

This leaves the future of some Red Sox superstars at a questionable place and time. With the Red Sox front office now in a state of limbo, the team has several key baseball decisions ahead of them.

Johnny Damon, the team's center fielder and leadoff hitter the last four years, has filed for free agency. Veteran left-hander David Wells -- a 15-game winner in 2005 -- has already told the team he'd prefer to be traded to a West Coast team for what will likely be the final season of his career.

Superstar slugger Manny Ramirez, according to a report, has yet again asked to be traded out of Boston. As a 10-5 man (10 years in the league, five with existing team), Ramirez must approve any potential trade, which would make it a highly complex endeavor.

It won't be the same team without Manny and Johnny. I'm really saddened by this latest change in the Red Sox front office.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is indeed a very good looking general manager. He looks so young too! I'm sorry to hear that he's resigned, I don't know much about baseball but it's always sad to hear of career troubles in anyones life.


1/11/05 11:15 AM  
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