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Friday, October 07, 2005

Sounds from my window

We have had the most glorious fall ever. I've lived on and off in Massachusetts since 1976 and have endured some pretty horrible autumns, but nothing like this one. It has been warm and sunny pretty much every day. The leaves on the trees are still mostly green in mid-October, with small signs of the reds, yellows, and oranges that we usually see about now. Every day is a shorts and t'shirt day with temps in the high 70's and even the low 80's. Blue blue skies with fluffy cottonball clouds. Nice cool nights with a crisp snap to them, not too cold, but just enough to consider putting on a sweatshirt. Windows open and no heat on yet. Who would have believed this?

For me, the nicest part of this delightful weather is sitting next to open windows and reveling in the sounds of the day. My neighbor is a professional flutist and she practices much of the day, with the sounds of flute wafting over to my open window. We live atop a high hill and down below us is an elementary school. I hear the joyous sounds of children playing at recess, walking to and from school. The dog behind us barks when the babies are out playing on the swing set. The wind blows softly through the leaves and branches snap and crackle with the stronger gusts. Tom opens the barn door and pulls out the hedge trimmer, ready to attack the summer growth that has hidden the world from our windows. Sometimes I can smell what the people across the large lawn are cooking when the barbeque and it makes me hungry.

The daytime is my time, the time I'm alone with my thoughts and my dreams and even my misery about bills and finances and losing papers I really need to find. But it's my time, and I can't believe how lucky I am to have this time to listen to the sounds outside my window. There are things to be said for being "retired".

(Note: Blogger isn't cooperating so photos will be uploaded later.)
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