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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Walgreens Sucks

Walgreens is our local pharmacy. We've been going there for years, they know me and they know that I'm a good customer who spends a small fortune every month on many prescriptions for myself and my kids. Yet every single time I walk in there, they screw up my orders. I don't understand why, because all the orders are called in ahead of time and I always give them at least 24 hours to get the pills in the bottles. But I guess I'm asking too much of them or something.

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped off some prescriptions for the Boy to be filled. One, a controlled substance that can only be dropped off, not called in, was too early for the insurance company to refill, so I left the prescription there on file, and came back today to pick it up. But they wouldn't fill it because it was over 30 days old. Did they tell me to have it filled within that little window? No, because had I had it filled then, the insurance company wouldn't have paid for the prescription. Is this confusing you? It sure confused me. The pharmacist gave me some bullshit about how the doctor told me that the prescriptions expire after 30 days, but we've been getting this same Rx for 5 years now in two different states and I've never been told this, not once by any of the myriad of doctors who have written these prescriptions. Why? Because they don't know or care what insurance we have and whether or not the insurance company will fill the prescriptions they've written in the 30 day window. Why would they? It's not their job. It's the pharmacy's job.

OK, so I am pretty pissed off, but I pick up the other prescriptions and stomp off in a huff, stopping at the candy aisle to pick out some Werther's Caramels that I only eat in the fall because they feel like Halloween to me, and go home. I open the stapled bags of drugs, and SHIT, they have not included one of his prescriptions. Now I ask you, how frigging hard is it to get this order right?

If this only happened once, I'd be annoyed. But it is every single month. These people are morons. They're all pharmacy interns from the Mass College of Pharmacy and they are total buffoons. It is amazing to me that these idjits are the people we entrust with our medications. Scary, huh?

My other beef about Walgreens is that they insist on keeping lighters right on the counter where kids can steal them. The cigarettes are behind the counter, but the lighters are all over the counter and I've watched kids come in and steal them. I complained to the manager who didn't care and didn't even bother to look interested. So I then wrote a letter to corporate and of course, never heard from them again. Lighters are like crack to preteens, and they are the first step towards firesetting. Most parents don't even know the steps towards fire setting behavior, nor do they understand how dangerous this behavior is. I sure didn't until it happened in my own home. When it happened to us, I told people and the consensus was "Boys will be boys and all boys play with fire." Well, all boys don't play with fire, and playing with fire is extremely dangerous, plus if a fire were to spread, the parents are legally responsible for the damages and can end up in jail if property is damaged. Me, I'm not willing to risk that. So I think that matches and lighters should be restricted to adults. Walgreens doesn't care, however.

Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, How did you like the play?
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Blogger Carolyn said...

I finally had the time to sit down and read some of the blogs of people who have commented on my site. Your blog is great! But I must say I'm a little stressed out now, reading what you have to deal with ... the bad people at Walgreen's, the oh-so-perfect SAH moms at your kids' school, the people who criticize you for your disabled sign and ADHD prescriptions. Man, I thought my life was hard! You sound like a great person. Hang in there!

2/10/05 5:07 PM  
Blogger Happy Mama to Three said...

I read your post the other day about your dear sweet mother and I swear to God she must have been my Grandmother the-evil-witch-from-hell's sister. Not only would she steal from her own children, she would steal from her parents, grandchildren, lead others to drink, etc. My condolences that you had to experience that.

And on the Walgreen's issue, our Walgreen's is exceptional I suppose, they don't get things wrong, if my insurance is being a pain, they fill my rx's anyway and continue to fight with the insurance company later. It seimply amazes me though how many awful pharmacists there are. It's frightening to think that these people are taking care of our medication needs. Did you read the article in the news the other day about medications that have been routinely mixed up so often that one drug company issued a warning about it to pharmacists and physicians? Frightening.

Have a good week and enjoy the cooling weather and the baseball!!


3/10/05 12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your are an idiot that does not bother to learn about control substance laws and restrictions that doctors put on prescriptions. To add to your stupidity, you do not bother to know your own insurance and their policies. Do the medical world a favor and go to a 3rd world country and see if you have the same complaints...

6/10/05 11:58 PM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Hello! Very interesting blog. I'll add it to my bookmarks. Regards,

19/3/06 5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow ive been to several websites about how "walgreens sucks" i guess no one has been to walmart where there is a 24 hour wait for 1 prescription? i work for walgreens as a tech and some of the bulls*** that i or "we employees of walgreens" have to put up with. 99% of the time its not our fault your rx is messed up, its your insurance. today i was on the phone half the day because the insurance had the patients wrong birthday on file or because the patient hadnt received the new card yet so we OFFERED to call and get in info even though the patient it the one responsible for getting the info because it IS THEIR insurance. and yes there is something called LAWS. The DEA regulates them. NOT walgreens. I just wish half the people that i have yelling at me all day because their insurance isnt wanting to pay for it or some other reason could work in my shoes for just one day ..

11/1/08 11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolynn,
Just happened across your blog by chance...I am a firefighter in RI, I also coordinatea sucessful program for kids that use fire innappropriately. My comments are 2 fold...One to congradulate you on recognizing that "Boys will Be Boys" is a ridiculous notion. It is natural for all of us to be interested in fire, it is not ok for kids to use it. 2nd, Congrats on recognizing that these lighters are left out and about on store shelves and that kids DO IN FACT STEAL THEM and use them to light fires. I commend you on attacking Walgreens on having them removed. In the Boston area, several towns have passed ordinances banning them from store counters, look into your own community to see if this is being done or could be done...We in the fire service need champions like you to help us convince others to make the change. Lastly, you said firesetting happened in your home, I hope you were able to find resources to help your child understand the proper and safe uses for fire. If not please contact me and i would be glad to help, John at firesmartkids@cox.net
All the best, John

14/2/08 2:05 PM  

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