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Sunday, October 02, 2005

We made the playoffs!

Cleveland lost to the White Sox, and the Red Sox beat the Yankees, so Boston is in the playoffs. I probably won't be blogging much during the playoffs. Baseball is my life for the next week or three (hopefully). Go Sox! Thank you, Curt Shilling. You did it again. Thank you Big Papi, Mike, Manny, Johnny, Kevin, et. al. I love you guys.

The Boy and I were having a conversation today about this and that, and he told me, completely out of the blue, that he was thinking that he might become a child psychiatrist. This was quite a surprise to me, as he's never seemed to have much respect for the shrinks he's had, other than the Miraculous Dr. Julie Low, doctor of perfection. He told me that he had no interest in working with adults because "adults suck" but that he'd like to help kids. Noble ideas for a great kid, eh?

Desperate Housewives is getting interesting. I'm loving the new neighbors and the guy chained in the basement. Looks as if Bree is going to be indicted soon for murdering Rex. Her MIL is quite the head case. I love Bree. She's always been my favorite housewife. I'm verklempt for Edie and Susan's ex. Those two deserve each other. And the rat scene. Total genius. Brilliant.

Kids have been very funny this weekend and I've meant to blog some of their conversations, but they have been forgotten. I need a tape recorder. They crack me up so much but I have so much trouble remembering what I thought was particularly funny.

One other thing. The Boy wanted to open a MySpace blog, so we did it together. No identifying information, etc. But I must comment on the obscene skankiness of the girls within 10 miles of our zip code. These are all high school girls (or more probably middle schoolers but you aren't allowed to open a site that young) and the pose in these incredibly 'sexy' type poses, like right out of Victoria's Secret commercials, and they use handles like Beiotch and SexyGrl. It's so gross. We also picked out all the suspected pederasts. The more I looked at this site, the more I think it's replusive. I doubt he'll use it much, but all the kids in his school have sites, so I felt like it was OK for him to open it as long as I could view it. I'm his first friend.

That's life this weekend.
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