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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What do YOU think?

We got to see Katie Holmes looking remarkably pregnant on Entertainment Tonight, and now the photos are all over the internet. I don't know about you, but I swear that this couldn't possibly be Katie Holmes' belly. We saw her a couple of months ago looking anorexic thin, and now she's 6 months along? How did that happen.

I've got a theory:

I think that Katie is wearing a fake pregnancy belly. She works in Hollywood and she must know some costumer that can create the perfect custom made belly for her. I think she's wearing this belly, complete with popping navel, to prove to the world that Tom is the studmuffin he pretends to be. But the real story is that indeed Tom is as gay as Rock Hudson and has had no sex contact with Katie other than the precious kisses we saw them sharing as they announced their love for each other (gag).

So why is Katie doing this? Well, she's a professional virgin, first of all, and having a relationship that is based on a lot of payola would probably suit her as long as there was no sexual contact. Additionally, this 'relationship' could easily help her lackluster career. Being fake pregnant and then marrying Tom would be a huge step up for her.

Why is Tom doing this? To make us believe that he's the manly man we see in his action films. To prove his masculinity and heterosexuality. To bolster his career.

So what happens when the 'baby' is due? It's my belief that the foam belly will grow on a weekly basis, and then Katie will enter some posh hospital in LA on the Celeb floor with a ton of security. Meanwhile, an adopted baby will appear out of nowhere and be whisked to the hospital just in time for Katie to 'deliver'. She and Tom will bring the baby 'home', and about 3 weeks later her figure will miraculously reappear.

Anyhow, that's my theory!
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Blogger Belinda said...

I'm sure by now you know my feelings about The Cruiser
so I don't need to comment.

14/10/05 2:10 AM  

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