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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What is the point?

A combination of depression and frustration has got me stuck on pissed off. I feel like I'm constantly spinning my wheels and getting absolutely nowhere fast. Now I have yet another school issue to fight over and I'm so tired of this whole thing I just want to give up and pull the kid out of school. But even though I know that's probably a bad thing for the Girl as this time, she would have heart failure losing her social network. Few kids are so successfully social at this time of their lives. She has so many friends and she likes school despite having nothing but trouble with teachers who promise anything but refuse to honor her IEP.

The Girl has a couple of rather serious learning disabilities. I spent most of the summer rewriting her IEP so that it was really perfect by the time I signed it. I met with the head of special ed and the school psychologist to discuss her needs and to ensure that she would have respect for her learning differences. I did try my hardest and I put my heart and soul into making this IEP work for her, if only it would be followed. There's the catch. I can't get her math teacher to follow it, and in addition, this particular math teacher is vicious and scared the shit out of the Girl, telling her that she would never get into the college of her choice because of her math skills. To say I was furious would be understating it. Livid is more like it. The Girl isn't even in high school yet, so why on earth would this teacher say such things to her? It's just plain cruel.

I spoke tonight to the director of special ed, who passed off the complaint telling me to talk to the Girl's aide. I've spoken to him twice and he does NOT work with her in math. I posted about this a while back, detailing the Girl's response to any contact whatsoever with school personnel. She hates it when I call and complain and does not understand that I'm doing this for her own good. So I try to keep my complaints to a minimum, but this is just ridiculous at this point. The Girl got 3 hours of homework after Rosh Hashona, a holiday in which the public schools are closed in our town. So the teacher penalized the Jewish kids along with all the other kids by giving them all the classwork they would have done plus the homework they would have had for the two missed days of school. That's just cruel.

Tomorrow I have to call the Aide and once again cajole him into helping her with math. I don't know what to do. I can't get this school system to honor her IEP. I've put her into two of the four middle schools. This one is much better than the former one. I can see the difference in the teachers and the workload, which is huge compared to last year. But non-compliance is breaking the law and I hate hate hate that I have to fight to get them to follow what they agreed to.
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Anonymous gorillabuns said...

i'm sorry you are going through this with your child. as for the math teacher, report her. she should never say things like that to your child. i had a teacher say mean things to me about my math skills a long time ago and boy, did the words haunt me everytime i tried to multiply 2X2. teachers are there to teach whatever the circumstances not to hinder.

good luck!

14/10/05 12:32 AM  

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