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Friday, October 21, 2005

Wooo Hoooo!

I'm Looking Good. Yes, that's what my cardiologist told me today. I'm so psyched. I always look and feel like shit, but today she said I was looking and sounding better than she had seen me in a long time. I can't really say why, because I'm not following her directions to the letter (huge shock there, I'm sure!) and I cheat on my diet, and I don't always take my meds as directed, but I think resting is finally paying off.

My surgery has been rescheduled for Nov 17th, although the doctor performing it hasn't yet told me this information. My cardiologist is going to have a little chat with the electrocardiologist about her office communication skills. That should be interesting.

Plus, I finally found the paper I was looking for. It took me almost a month of searching and it was hidden right on my desk after all. The desk that I've cleaned off about 10 times looking for this damn paper. I think I might either be blind or a moron, or both. I even looked in the folder where I found it about a million times. I'm telling you, sometimes I wonder if I have early onset alzheimers. I forget the most outrageous stuff, I lose things that are right in front of my face, and there are days when I'm very dazed and confused. I know that this is a byproduct of a bad sleeping habit and a lot of medications compounded by a lack of oxygen, but heck, it's weird to be so spacy. It's not like me as a rule.
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